Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Up early to get this busy Wednesday started.  After chores and breakfast I took my morning walk around the farm. It is a beautiful sunny but quickly getting hot day.
These Magnolia blossoms are so pretty.
To my surprise this Mountain Laurel that I moved from the woods into this bed above the house is in full bloom this year.

This lone Butterfly bush blossom attracts this bumble bee to its sweet nectar.
I used to have lots of Butterfly bushes in all colors that Ralph King gave me one year from his place but the very cold sub zero temps of winter a couple years ago killed most of them. The ones that survived had to have a pretty severe prunning last year to cut out all the dead parts so I'm hoping I will have more blooms as the season goes on. Butterflies really do love these blossoms.
I came inside and got some baking started I have the large order to deliver at noon and I don't leave my ovens on when I'm not here so I only got 2 pound cakes done before it was time to load up the 10 pound cakes for the 50th ordination celebration for Alex Viola tonight.
After I got home from that it was back to the ovens I baked a total of 12 caramel, 3 chocolate, 6 pound and 1 blackberry wine cake before having a late lunch and a few minutes of "off my feet" time.
Annie on guard........
I love those trailing Geraniums on either side of the door that I got earlier this spring.
I caught up my blog book reading just before daughter came in with a gallon of blackberries she had picked early this morning from "Fruit of the Spirit" orchard and vineyard that great friends of ours run.
These berries are large and sweet so I snacked on them all afternoon.
Hubbie called about 4:30 and said his truck wouldn't start back after he had stopped for gas out at Ingles.  I went out there, picked him up and we took the battery to Advance Auto just out the road. They tested the battery and said it was bad so he bought a new one and we headed back to his truck.
That was what was wrong as his truck started right up after he installed the new battery.
We got home around 5:45 and watched the news while having a light supper as neither of us was very hungry after being out in the 91 degree heat. This is the hottest day of the season so far.
I then made my third trip of the day the Ingles,( so glad it is only a couple miles), to deliver some hatching eggs to a man that drove all the way from Chandler. I asked him if there were no eggs in Chandler and he said not Silkie eggs. 
The thunder heads moved back in this evening just as the sun went down but we didn't get any rain from them here.

After chores I did paperwork and paid bills for the week before icing cakes and getting things ready for market.
Another late night as I was still hard at it at midnight so this post is being written Thursday between customers and back dated.
Thankful for a blessed day and the health the Lord blesses me with each day.
God Bless.

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