Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Up and out this morning to check the rain gauge and see if we had any damage from the storms that blew through last night. It is still misting rain as I did the chores. I dumped 9/10ths inch of rain from the gauge, a lot less than I thought there would be with the very hard rain that came down.
After chores and breakfast I took a walk around the farm, now in the sunshine but the air was a bit cool for this time of year, not complaining though !!
Things always look so fresh after a rain.
Re had some business to take car of in town so the kids stayed with me this morning.
These two are growing up too fast !!!  Baby BB has his first tooth pushing through the gum today as he chewed on his corn teething ring.
Little EL asked for a "big girl" cup to drink her juice from.
Sigh .......   Why do kids always have to grow up soooooo fast ??????
Oh well I get to start all over again come September !!!  When #1 son's little girl gets here !!!
After they left I had lunch then cleaned house. I heard thunder and when I checked the radar this storm was heading straight for our area !!!   Although it is shaped like an angel, I don't think it will be as gentle as an angel.
I took Dolly to the groomer and you could see the storm coming up the road.
Thankfully we only received some high wind that blew over some of the fencing around the garden and only a light shower of rain. Sadly for some of our neighbors, especially in the farming valley of Mills River they received a huge hail storm, leaving hail piled along side the roads that looked like snow. Pea to dime size hailstones tore leaves off trees and destroyed crops that are just beginning to grow.

Dolly got a nice short haircut for the summer.  This is how she looked when we got in the car to go.
And this is how she looks tonight, so much better !!!   But she still refuses to look at the camera !
As I did the feeding chores this evening I found two of the quails in the big cage huddled together under a little box I have in there for egg laying.  When I fed them they came out and the other two immediately started chasing and pecking them. There have been two pairs in this cage all along but I guess with the mating season in full blast this cage isn't big enough for all of them now. The weaker pair had to be moved into a smaller cage after they were chased back into the little laying box.. 
Hubbie and I drove post in the bean rows so we can get the trellis up for them to climb hopefully tomorrow. 
As I started to blog tonight the storms started again with thunder and lightening and pouring rain once again leaving me to wonder what I will find in the morning.
God is good all the time, all the time God is good !!!!
Good Night and God Bless.


Linda E said...

We were watching the weather last night also, but it blew northeast of us. Glad you got some rain, but the hard winds are not so good this time of the year, especially for the gardens. Have a great Wednesday, whatever the weather! The little ones are so cute.

linda m said...

Glad you escaped the bad part of the storm ; praying you did again last night. Dolly looks so cute with her new haircut. Guess she is just camera shy. Can't believe how fast the tow little ones are growing up. They sure are cute. Blessings