Friday, June 26, 2015


Whew !! as I get up this morning to another humid, hot day I know it is going to be a busy one.
After chores and breakfast I got a text from Re, their doublewide was on its way. Yay, they have waited so patiently, I am happy this day is finally here.
And here it comes as they slowly make the turn into their drive. It is 32 feet wide so each half is 16 feet, I don't know how they pull that on these narrow roads.Aa waits with the man that owns the moving company at the gate.

Everyone made it to see the first half put into place.  Aa, Re and the kids, daughter and d-in-love were all here  to supervise the progress.
After this half was set the haulers left to get the other half .  I came home to bake cakes, daughter went to pick blackberries and d-in-love went home.
I baked 12 caramel,2 coconut, 2 chocolate and a special lemon cake order.
Just finishing this in time to head over to Glen Marlowe elementary school for the Cub Scout day camp conclusion ceremony. Hubbie had went over to take g-son lunch and eat with him under the shade trees picnic style. G-son had asked for a grilled cheese w/ bacon and fries from Sonic. He was happy to see his Pawpaw and ate all his lunch.
Daughter got there at the same time I did and I was very glad because I didn't know where they were having the ceremony. They were in the lunchroom, thankfully with the air conditioning on.
It was a very nice program ,there was 103 cub scouts attending the day camp for the largest number of boys at a camp in this area.
Each Den had a little skit they presented during the program, this is g-son's den mates and he was very entertaining as they presented their parts.
G-son gets his turn to tell his astronaut joke.
Reciting their den moto !
 Summer camp friends are the best !!!
This lady, Wendy Henderson, is a neighbor and good friend of mine. Her son, John, and my #2 son  were buddies all through school and were in Cub Scouts together when they were young. Hubbie and I were leaders back then and Wendy worked more with the Boy Scouts, but now she is the district representative for the Echota Cub Scouts. She does a wonderful energetic job as always in her "when pigs fly" costume.

D-in-love and her mom were there also so daughter and I skipped out a little early to beat the traffic.
As I came home I stopped and made a picture of Aa and Re's new home up on the hill.
These guys were working quickly to get the roof finished before the storms get here.

I am so happy to see this place cleaned up and looking this good like it did when my dad owned it years and years ago when I was a little girl.

 This is me fishing off this same pond dam back in August of 1958, I was four years old .
This is the dam now all cleaned up and widened .
This is another picture of me fishing off the "catwalk" that dad built out into the pond.
These post tops are all that's left now of that "catwalk".

Unfortunately the lady who my dad sold the property to, Margaret Thomas, sold parts of it and now 3 different people own parts of this small pond.

Thankfully Aa now owns the majority of it and the dam.

When I got home the storms were started so I sat on the front porch and watched the rain come across the mountains until the wind kicked up and blew the cool rain in on me .
Hubbie came in from work and we watched the news and had a light supper then did chores in a break between rain showers. Thankfully for another day the severe storms missed our area and we only got light wind , 4/10ths inch of rain and heard distant thunder.
Our area is in the "dry" section on this map for now , but we need a good slow soaking rain.

We all went over to check out the new house now that it is together. It is a really nice doublewide, almost 2500 sq. ft. of living space.
Back home I baked 2 chocolate pound cakes, 1 for an order and 1 to give a lady who's husband just passed away last night. I also made a blackberry wine cake while I iced all the other cakes.
It was a long busy night , I fell into bed too tired to sleep after 1am.  I have to rethink these late nights !!!
Grateful for the strength God blessed me with continually and praising His name continually.
God Bless.

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