Saturday, June 27, 2015


When the alarm sounded this morning I could not believe it was time to get up. Evidently I was too tired to go to sleep last night and it was close to 3am when I finally got to sleep.
I dragged myself out of bed and got ready for market.
Daughter was already there with her blackberries.
We had a good day today to end June on a positive note thankfully. She stayed and helped me all day except when she had to leave to run Tipper, her dog to the vet. It rained off and on all day to really steam the air up.  When I got in my SUV I wondered where the promised cooler temps were ??

After we left market I went to Sav Mor , Aldi and the Farm Outlet on my way home. I ran through some very hard rain but as I drove closer to my house the pavement dried up and we only got a slight sprinkle.
After hubbie helped me unload and get things put away I sat on the front porch and watched as this storm passed by.
We both are pretty worn out from a busy , hot  week so tonight was a resting time for us.
To finish up the decade series for June these are the old undated photos of my cousins from Valdese,NC. Geneva was my dad's sister, Hattie Beddingfield's daughter and these were some of her boys.

This is a picture of Hattie's husband, Curt 's grave. They had three daughters,Ollie, Ula and Geneva and a son who died in a swimming accident when he was young.

Thankful tonight for a blessed day with good sales at market and a restful, relaxing evening. Going to bed early to recoup last night's lost sleep.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

It was hot here all week. Then this weekend it started to cool down. Thankful for the cooler temps. blessings