Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Up early to get this day started.  Hubbie was gone so I suppose the heating pad eased his back pain.
Re worked all night so she brought the kids over here while she slept for a while this morning.
This little guy is just growing in leaps and bounds and is so happy and smiley.
And this little girl is getting to be quite the dare devil !!

Baby brother is content to sit and watch the antics of big sister, but I see concern on his face!!
These two truly love each other and are going to be such good playmates in no time at all !!

After mom picked them up I ran to Ingles for a few things and then spent the afternoon cleaning house. The sun is in and out of the clouds again today but the air feels less moist than the last couple days.
We didn't get any rain or even a threat of rain today so it is good for things to dry out some after the 6/10ths inch more rain from last night's storms.
This week is the 10th anniversary of the beginning of the worst hurricane season on record as there were 28 named storms and one of the worst storms in the history of this country, Katrina.

The first named storm of that season was named on today's date.  Hopefully this season won't follow this trend.
As I did the evening chores the dusky evening had an errie orange  glow and the eastern sky was absolutely beautiful.

Maybe a glimpse of  Heaven's beauty ???
The brightest love shines from up above !!  Thank the Lord for His constant love !
Good Night and God Bless


linda m said...

Those two kids sure play well together and seem to really enjoy the time they spend with you. Your evening sky truly is a glimpse of Heaven's beauty. Blessings

Linda E said...

The two little ones will have lots of fun times soon. The pictures are so pretty of the sunset. God has a good paintbrush!