Friday, June 12, 2015


Uhhhhh!!!!  I can tell it's  Friday, the third day of what I call my "kick butt" days.  I can't say T.G.I.F.  because I have one more work day to go before I can sigh that, ahhhh, time for rest sigh.
After chores and breakfast I took a walk around the farm to check out what was blooming now.  I found these lovely Lilies starting to put out their nice big blossoms.

These are a couple daylilies I bought years ago from a vendor at market Ralph King,who unfortunately been battling bladder cancer and is no longer farming his daylily and hosta farm.
The Elderberries are blooming at all the birds delight for the delicious harvest of the small fruit.
I took time to smile as I watched these turtles jocking for position on this log in the pond.

 Back inside I baked 6 caramel, 2 chocolate, 2 pound cakes before having lunch.
Hubbie came home again today at lunch to use some extra hours.
After lunch he went to work in the garden staking more tomatoes and cucumbers.  I planted these "clearance specials" I picked up at Walmart yesterday.
Sadie is checking out my work !!
I got sprinkled on while I was doing this then the harder rain started and I headed for shelter on the front porch.
I relaxed with Annie and Sadie and we watched it rain for over an hour.

Tonight is the counties high school graduation ceremonies and I wondered what would happen to these with all this rain. Three of the four high schools schedule outside ceremonies so more folks can come see their graduates on their big day. If they have to move inside the gyms the graduates are limited to 5 guest each which is a very hard decision in most cases of who gets to come. It is also very very crowded in the gyms with that number crammed in there. At North Henderson , the school daughter teaches at, they are graduating 240 students so would put them, the teachers and over 1000 family members in the gym, whew !!!  Hopefully the rain will be gone by 7pm.
The sun did manage to peek out a couple times after the  1/2 inch of rain fell to steam things up but the radar looked clear as daughter came by on her way to school to bring her baked goods.
After chores and supper hubbie and I sat out in the covered patio and heard the loud speaker at the school calling out the graduates so we knew even under the threatening skies they opted to stay outside.
 I have the last of my nieces and nephews in this class at North High. Leah is a lovely young lady and graduated with honors.
Let the celebrations begin !!!

I wish all the seniors graduating in this and all classes of 2015 a happy graduation day, may all your dreams come true and life be everything you want it too be.
 Unfortunately and very sadly for my niece she put on a pretty smile tonight in the face of sadness in the untimely death of her grandfather who passed away early this morning.

I iced all my cakes and got things ready for market. Daughter called and said the graduation went well, the skies loomed dark but no rain fell until afterward thankfully.  She was headed over to a venue they chose for their "project graduation" all night fun night for the graduates. She was amazed at all the food, money and countless items that had been donated by local business for this event. This event keeps the graduates in a safe place for at least one night of celebration and also gives them one more time of fun with their classmates.
Daughter and the other teachers will take shifts staying up with the kids, her shift is from midnight until 5am. She is going over early to help get set up and knowing her she will stay over to clean up. Praying for a safe, sleepy trip home in the morning.
Tonight I pray for my sister in law's family as they come to terms with the death of their husband, father, and grandfather. May God give the comfort they need during this time.
I am gratefully thankful for all my blessings of this day.
Good Night and God Bless

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