Thursday, June 18, 2015


Market day came too early again today.  As I did the chores and got ready I fought the heat of the day already.
Market was slow again today with the heat and the threat of storms in the forecast not many folks ventured out. Daughter met me here with her baked goods and to help unload my things, I love summer break !! She left to go work out with a friend.
I caught up my blog post, worked the crossword puzzle in the news paper and chatted with neighbor vendors to pass the time.
There is so much sickness right now among market vendors. The man across the isle from me ,Willard, is still fighting squamous cell cancer on his arm. He has had radiation and now is going to start chemo.  Another long time vendor, Ray, is scheduled for surgery to remove a cancerous lesion from his tongue on he 25th of this month, he is in Winston Salem now prepping.  A friend of #2 son's who graduated with him, Carla, is having surgery in New York to remove tumors from her liver, thankfully they are not cancerous as she has fought stomach cancer already at her young age. Her and her dad, Frank, have a market table on the other side of market.
One of our elected board of control members, Ralph, is battling cancer again after recently having his cancerous bladder removed. A jewelery maker, Dave, just down the isle from me fell and pulled a heavy bookcase over on top of him last week. He now can't remember anything and is in pretty bad shape.
 And that's probably not all of the things going bad right now among all the vendors but that surely is enough.
I see a couple new vendors just moving in today so hopefully market will get full soon.
This is one of the new wares we are offering. If you like wooden trains or toys you would love this booth.
Good luck to them, I hope they are successful.
I hung around until closing time and then loaded, ran my errands and picked up baking supplies and groceries. I kept a wary eye on the darkening sky and the regular radio program was interupted with a severe thunderstorm warning for our area.
As I came out of Aldi the wind was blowing things around in the parking lot and it looked like nightfall it was so dark. I left there with the intention of coming home and going back to Walmart later instead of fighting the storm but as I drove out of town toward Walmart and my house the threatening skies began to lighten and the winds stopped.  While I was in Walmart it came a shower of rain but nothing else and I didn't even have to use the umbrella I carried in with me.
As I got closer to my house the pavement became dry.
I unloaded and just as I was coming in with the last armful the rain began falling here. No thunder, lightening or high wind just gentle rain. Thankful tonight for that 1/10th inch of slow rain as some of the neighboring areas got lots of large hail and high winds that damaged cars and blew down trees.
Our chances for storms and heavier rain increase with the arrival of the remnants of tropical storm Bill as the weekend gets here.

In the news of the day there was a tragic shooting at this historic church in Charleston, S.C, the church was called Emanuel African Methodist church.
Seems during last night's prayer service a young white man came into the service and sat for an hour listening. He got up from his seat and said he was there "to shoot black people", pulled a gun and shot dead nine people at the service including the pastor of the church.
This young 21 year old who has the appearance of even younger  years was captured today in Shelby, N.C. driving the same car he left the crime scene in.
As the news of his capture and age came across the radio one of the market neighbors wondered aloud. "How can someone become filled with that much hate in just 21 years" ??  What a tragedy.
Makes me wonder what is next in this crazy world that our Lord Jesus Christ is loosing ground each day in.

I am glad tonight that I can turn to Jesus with all my worries and concerns and feel comforted in the fact that He is after all the Greatest Healer of all.

Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

The shooting is indeed so very tragic. I too wonder how a person at such a young age can be filled with so much hate. I thank God every day that He is in my life . He is my anchor in the storm of life. Have a great weekend and Blessings.

M.E. Masterson said...

May Tropical Bill be a gentle storm for you all in N.C.