Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Up to an already very warm morning. After chores and breakfast I took a short walk while waiting on Re to bring the kids over so she could sleep today after working all night at the hospital.
A wonderful fragrance fills the air outside right now as these little feathery Mimosa blossoms cover these trees.

I saw this lone duck searching for her breakfast on the receding waters of the farm pond.
When I got back to the house these two were here and we got ready to play the day away !!!
BB likes this bouncy seat with all the gadgets to play with. EL like to show him how everything worked !!   We went outside early to beat the heat and blew bubbles.
After lunch it was nap time and rest time.
Re came over and got baby BB to go home and get a nap with him and left EL here as she wanted to go with me to pick up g-son from his Cub Scout camp over at Glen Marlowe elementary school.
We got to watch the day's closing ceremony. There were a lot of Scouts attending.

She was so proud to get to go to the line he was in with his friends while I checked him out.
And she was very tickled when he said she could have one of the things he made.
He is going to be a good big brother !!
When we got home I fixed them both a snack then we went outside to play. Both their moms came at the same time to pick them up and while they visited the kids got to play a long time.
After everyone left I did chores and checked over the garden for some fresh produce for supper.
As I looked around the garden I ran into this little guy.
We have rabbit guard fencing around the garden except in the back where there is wood piles and stacks of cement blocks and barrels. This guy was intent on having some garden greens as he hopped high enough to come over the stack of firewood because that is the way he went out. I didn't know rabbits could hop that high !!!
I found our first zuchinni squash and picked some more peas for a shrimp stir fry for supper.
After we ate I watered all my potted plants. Some of them have been getting rain but they dry up fast in this 90 degree sunshine.
Daughter called tonight and her heat pump has stopped working. #2 son went over to check the fuses as he had done that on one of his heat pumps but none were blown so he called a friend of his who is a heat and air man and he is going over to daughter's in the morning to check to see what is wrong.
Oh the joys of home ownership !!!!
I ended the evening baking more pound cakes for the order to be delivered tomorrow.
Grateful to God for this very blessed day and asking for His grace as I strive to do His will in all that I do.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Sure was a busy day for you. I agree with you that G-son will make a wonderful big brother. He is so good with little EL. Have a great day. Blessings