Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Up early as g-son arrived before 8 this morning. He is still tired from his overnight stay at his friend Walker's house and spent the morning after his breakfast dozing in the recliner.
I did chores, had breakfast and tried to take a walk but a short shower drove me back inside after a short time.
I finished my July decorating, getting out all my patriotic decor.
After we had lunch ,which d-in-love joined us for, a break from her boring day at work, I did house cleaning. I kept watching the clouds as they grew darker and darker. This was the radar this afternoon but we didn't have any rain hitting the ground here even though the green shade covers our area.
We could definitely use a good soaking rain for the garden right now. We are getting plenty of squash and a few cucumbers but everything else needs rain to ripen.
My cousin, Debbie Pryor, brought a camera by that she had borrowed from daughter and we had a nice visit.
Re brought the kids by while she went to pick up pizza for a birthday supper for Aa this evening.
These 2 are getting so big I can't stand it !!
Everyone made it to wish Aa a happy birthday  36th birthday and have pizza and ice cream cake that Re made !!
We all had a wonderful visit and the ice cream cake Re made for Aa was very very good.
After everyone left we did the chores and then had our usual relaxing time out in the covered patio. While we ate this evening it came a short shower of rain, not even measuring in the gauge or wetting the ground under the trees.
On a sad note today ,one of my younger years friends passed away a couple days ago after a hard fought battle with cancer.  Rick was a very sweet guy and although I haven't seen him since my kids were in high school, I remember what a sweet guy he was and the good times "our gang" had when we were all young and fancy free !!
R.I.P.  Rick , you fought a great fight !!
As this month of June 2015 comes to an end it has been a good month around here. It has been a busy month to begin this summer. D-in-love only works 11 months out of the year so she and the other office girl at the elementary school who is also a 11 month employee work 2  ten hour days each per week. That means I only keep g-son 2 days a week this summer, on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Re has been working 1 day a week so I keep EL and BB the day after she works all night so she can sleep.
I also kept Claudia Dalton's son Nick this month on a day she didn't have anyone else to keep him, so I have been blessed with "littles" all month. I enjoy my time with all these kids and love watching them grow up.
The market has been up and down all month some days good other days really slow. We had our annual spring Old Timey Day the first Saturday and I had a really good day that day.
All the family made a trip to the new Sierra Nevada Brewery restaurant for a combination birthday / Father's day gift to hubbie who turned the big 60 on the 15th of the month. 
G-son attended his second Cub Scout summer camp and he enjoyed it very much, daughter and I went over to the closing ceremony and it was fun remembering when my boys were attending these camps.
One of my 4-legged kids, Bernie, went back to the vet for his constant coughing and was diagnosed with an enlarged heart. He was put on several meds and they have helped some but he is still coughing , we go back to the vet on Friday.
Aa and Re have worked all month getting their land ready for their new home which arrived last week. They have a beautiful place and are so looking forward to moving into their own home.
The other big news of the month was the decision by #1 son to quit his job at the DOT and go back to work for the grading company, Zach King Construction, which he used to work for before he tried to start his own business years ago.
The weather this month has been unseasonably hot for June on most days all around the country.
Lots of heat and rainfall records were broken in this month this year. A couple high temperature records fell in our state.
We are in the dry category in the drought monitor so far for this summer.
Here  is a run down of the weather in Asheville for each day this month. Usually we are a couple degrees warmer that these temps but these are measurements at the Asheville Airport which is fairly close to us..
As I did the  chores this evening I looked up at this beautiful full moon and thought it was a fitting symbol to bring this full month of activity for my family to a close.

Thanking God for all the blessings of this past month and looking forward to His plans for the future.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Glad you had a good month. Blessings for a great July