Saturday, June 20, 2015


Set the alarm an hour earlier today since there is the annual antique sidewalk show up on main street in town. It should bring folks into town and probably most of them will come early to beat the heat of the day.
As I got to market and saw that the parking lot was still very empty I said maybe folks were going to beat the heat by staying at home today !!
Daughter came in shortly after hubbie and I arrived and we got things all set up. Re and the kids came about 9am to walk with daughter up on the street to see the antiques.
They came back with lots of goodies and pretty reasonably priced also. Almost made me want to take a tour of the street after market , but then I told myself there is not a single thing I need !!!
Market business picked up nicely as the morning went on with folks getting goodies for Father's Day.
I took an order for 10 pound cakes to be delivered Tuesday and Green River camp has a 10 caramel cake order to be picked up Thursday so it is shaping up to be a busy week.
The clouds came and went all day, I'm sure keeping the street vendors nervous uptown and about 1:00 a short down pour of rain came, then the wind started blowing, relieving me of any other thoughts of taking a walk up on the street.
After stops at Harrie Teeter, (for on-sale eggs), Aldi and the Farm Outlet I made it home around 3:30.
Hubbie had gotten rained out of his lawn mowing earlier and was having a nap when I got here.
He helped me unload then went back to the lawn as the sun had dried away all the rain.
I took a break out in the sunroom while he mowed.  Re brought the kids over  while she ran to the grocery store and we played outside in a nice  breezy evening. When she came back we picked peas from the garden for tomorrow's lunch and then they went home. I did chores and then sat outside for the rest of the nice evening. Only a few floating clouds came through this evening.
G-son finished his soccer season at Biltmore Baptist with an awards program this evening. He received an award for most effort. He is the third boy from the right in the black shirt.
As this month slips by me it seems as they all do now I need to get more decade pics on here.  In June 1995 we were consumed with little league baseball all stars. #2 son was on the always a member of this team. This year in June we traveled to Hominy Valley,NC for the district tournament and won the 12 and under tournament.
This is the team's photo from the news paper.
A clearer picture of the champions.
#2 son receiving his trophy.
Also in June that year we had Bible School at our church. Back in those days there was enough ladies who didn't work to have VBS in the mornings.  I always took animals from my farm on one day and set up a petting zoo. This is daughter looking not too thrilled with a hamster crawling over her shoulder.
Her friend Carla, who was a guest at our house much of the time holds one of our ducks.
#1 son oversees the face painting .
That was a lot of fun back then and I really think the VBS was much better as the kids and teachers were fresh in the mornings and more ready for all the activities.  Too bad so many mothers must take jobs now to make ends meet forcing any activities including VBS to become evening events.

Grateful tonight for the love of a wonderful Savior and looking forward to worshiping Him tomorrow.
Good Night and God Bless.

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