Monday, June 22, 2015


Hubbie was up before me and the aroma of frying ham and eggs drifted into the bedroom and the picture of the coffee advertisement that used to show people floating down the stairwell to the coffee pot in the kitchen on the aroma waves came to mind as I got out of bed.
Before I ate my breakfast I went outside and fed all the animals their breakfast.
Baby BB came over to take his morning nap while mom went up to church to pack some summer food boxes for needy families in our area.
He is a good sleeper and has no problem sleeping in my crib.
Hubbie went out to work in the garden and I got laundry started. I did our regular three loads of laundry for the week.
When BB woke up we went outside to wait for his mom. He loved laying in the hammock and being swung back and forth.
Mom and little EL came in and stayed for  a short visit.
 EL was tired today.
After they all left we had lunch and then I went back to the garden with hubbie and pulled weeds for the chickens while he hoed.
The sky darkened and the thunder and lightening started sounding like a storm was definitely headed our way. The wind came up and actually caused chill bumps after all the sweating we had been doing in the 90 degree heat. If the storm hadn't come up we might have gotten close to our previous record high for this date.
We came inside to wait out the storm. There were storm warnings going off on the scanner for our area.  Fortunately the storm skirted to the south of our area dropping 2 inches of rain in 30 minutes and hail in some areas very close to us but only giving us a sprinkle.
We have the rest of the week to look out for these severe storms each day then by the weekend we get a little break from the hot temps.I saw on another forecast from the weather channel that called for 81 degree highs and mid 50's lows !!
Spent the evening baking  8 pound cakes to get a head start on a large order to be delivered Wednesday. The priest of St. John in the Wilderness out in Flat Rock, Alex Viola, is having a celebration of his ordination 50 years ago Wednesday night and these cakes are for that.  His wife LeLe gave this recipe for 7-up pound cake that her mother used to bake to me several years ago. Since LeLe's mother attended Alex's original ordination they thought having her cake on his 50th year of ordination celebration would be a nice tribute. They want 10 of the cakes all together. I can only bake 4 pound cakes at a time so I only had 2 hours tonight and I will finish tomorrow night.
It is 11:20 and I just took the last ones out of the ovens.
I was going to try to get to bed earlier tonight to catch up on a sleepless night from last night but , oh well !!
Grateful to God for the blessings of this day and thanking Him for sparing us from the storm this afternoon.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Baby BB looks so cute in the hammock. We had a bad storm yesterday with high winds an heavy rain. Took down lost of tree limbs all over the area. we were powerless for 5 1/2 hours. Thank God we didn't need our sump pump during the power out or I would be mopping up a flooded basement. Blessings