Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Got in bed at 1:30 this morning so I slept in until 8:30,it made the animals appreciate me even more when I showed up.Busy day today starting off with laundry and more housework,I had to stop and say thank you Lord while I was hanging out towels because I thought of a news story I heard this week about a lady being sued by her neighbor because she hangs her laundry outside to dry to save energy.The neighbor said it was keeping her from selling her house,because no one wanted to look at someone else's laundry.So I am thankful that I can hang out whatever I want and no one can even see it from their house.Don't get me wrong I do have a clothes dryer and all I hang out are towels,sheets,quilts,rugs,etc. things that take a long time to dry,Ilove the smell of line dryed things.I dry our clothes in the dryer because I think when you have to plug in the iron you defeat the energy saving purchase not to memtion the time involved.

I also got some more sewing done between 4 loads of laundry.I finished 5 towel aprons and 1 bib apron made from an old pair of jeans.The towel aprons are made by cutting a bath towel in half and adding a waist band and pocket.I still have some more things cut out maybe I can get to those Friday while g-son plays and watches tv sometimes I set up a portable sewing machine in my living room and sew,he also likes to help hold material as it comes through the machine.

After lunch I payed some bills errrrr....and looked over road signs as I have a 3:30 appointment to have my drivers license renewed.

Wow!! I can't remember who told me to call and ask for an appointment to renew my license but I need to thank them,I walked through a FULL waiting room and got my license in less than 15 minutes,however if dirty looks could kill I wouldn't be here now.

I picked up my avon order at a friends house near town that is a drop off point for avon deliveries,ran a couple errands and was home by 4:30. I needed to ice a caramel cake early for my daughters little sister,its her birthday and she loves my caramel cakes.My daughter has been involved with the big brother/big sister program since she was 21. This little sister has been the most special, she has had her for 1 year ,Kate is turning 15 which is to old for the program but because her mother is handicapped and she wouldn't get to do alot of things other girls do they let her in.She is a sweetheart and has spent alot of time here on our little farm and loves it.HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE!!!!!
After hubbie and I ate supper of hamburger and grilled yellow squash I watered my potted plants and then took a short walk because I needed to get started on my cakes. I iced 12 more caramels for a total of 18(I cook icing for 6 at a time),4 coconut cakes,3 yellow cakes with chocolate icing,3 chocolate cakes with chocolate icing,1 chocolate cake with whipped cream icing,I wrapped and labeled these to fill my orders and to sell tomorrow at market along with my pound cakes and wine cakes. It has been a mostly cloudy,humid,hot 85 day today . Its off to bed I go a little earlier tonight anyway,GOD BLESS!!

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