Friday, July 24, 2009


Lazy morning for a change,ate my cereal and hot tea slowly today.You've heard the old saying 1 man's trash another 1's treasure,well I went treasure hunting this morning,and of course I found plenty.It's probably just as well that I don't get to go to garage sales much,I always ask myself if I really need this and there's always this little voice saying "but it's such a bargain and you MIGHT need it someday"so I didn't spend much money but had a very fun morning.I stopped by Chick-fil-a for a grilled chicken salad for lunch and headed home to unload and put away my treasures.I can't help but look around now and think of all I could have gotten done if I had stayed at home and worked this morning,I am the worst boss I have ever had!!!!!!!!! Never mind that I only had 1 cake order this morning and now have 7 ,I kept having to pull over on the side of the road and write cake and avon orders down this morning.
Hubbie worked 6 to 2 today so he came in and started mowing the lawn while I hung out a load of towels and did some gardening.I think I will be canning beans in about a week.We grow old timey greasy back beans,seeds are no longer available so we have to save seeds from year to year but to me they're the best tasting green bean there is.I'm glad I've got a good crop this year because I didn't can many last year as they didn't do well in the drought.
I went on my walk early this afternoon as it is so nice today,on days like this you can almost see the floor of heaven,this is why these mountains are so special. We had 3 little visitors in our pasture.Daughter-in-love came down and we tried to catch them to see if they had a name on their collars,but they ran up the road,Lord help them get home safe.I gathered my towels off the line,ohhh...they smell so good.#1 son put a new fridge in their camper,it looks good,he is handy to have around.
I came in and ate a weight watchers meal for supper with cantelope for dessert and all of a sudden I became very ill,something I ate must have been bad.I was so sick from 6:00-10:00.
Thank you GOD I feel better now,we will have to clean church tomorrow night.Hubbie has to stay close by when I get sick at my stomach because I pass out due to a damaged nerve in my esophagus.
Okay it is 10:30 and I just started baking,I'm paying for that leisurely morning, I baked 2 granny pound,2 blackberry and 1 chocolate sour cream pound cake.That will only take an hour,and it will give me time to write this while they bake.
Thank you GOD for a wonderful day and I know you are with me even in my sickness,just remember GOD is good all the time.Good night.

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Claudia said...

it's those weight watchers stuff ... diet stuff always makes us sick ... ice cream and your cakes are much better, right? :0)