Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Woke to a telephone call from the well inspector to make an appointment on Friday to help us decide where to drill our well.She is an old friend of mine so it will be nice to see her.
It is a dreary day,we only got 1/10" rain overnight but it is raining on and off today,but temp is nice low 70's.
I worked in my shop all morning,finishing 4 jean aprons and 4 small jean purses.......After I made that 1 bibbed jean apron last time and sold it I have had several request for more.A little girl about 10 years old put it on and it looked so good on her I wished I had my camera,but several ladies that saw her wanted one for themselves,maybe they'll come back.
#1 son brought g-son at lunch time so he could run errands.We ate lunch g-son had pizza,I had salad.
It stopped raining,so since I had to go out to pick up my avon order from my friends house on the edge of town I decided to take g-son by Mcdonalds playground for a little while.....G-son had a ball and even met a new friend......
and then....and then.....well let me paint a picture,this is an outside playground but it has a network of enclosed overhead tunnels, now imagine the (MAN) person that put them together that didn't think that water might collect in some spots if you didn't tilt them slightly or possibly put drains in,have you got the picture,okay so then some bigger boys came and g-son was intent on proving himself to them,let's put all this together and I hear hysterical laughter from overhead and water comes splashing all over everything underneath I could only imagine what was going on,however I didn't have to wait long before a soaking wet g-son comes flying down the big slide,not a dry stitch on him his horror we left,came home, rung out his clothes,put them in the dryer and he got to run around in his diaper for awhile which didn't seem to bother him one bit.
I bagged my avon orders while he watched TV,then pawpaw came home and we played with blocks and had a yogurt snack.
Soon his dad came and showed me the campground they are going to this weekend on the computer, it is very very nice with pool,fishing lake,huge water slide,playground,etc,g-son will have a ball.
After they left hubbie and I started our evening chores,it has been a nice sunny afternoon,I don't know what happened to all the rain we were supposed to get.We discovered the hard winds with the storms yesterday had blown limbs down on our electric fence and broke insulators so hubbie spent his chore time fixing fence and trimming limbs.I walked and checked the rest of our fences, no more damage thank goodness,then the gardening was all mine tonight,I cut basil and oregano to sell at market tomorrow,I also brought in 2 little herb gardens I fixed earlier in the spring,they are ready to sell now,I found some interesting pots at thrift stores to make them in,I am good at finding interesting pots,1 is an old aluminum strainer,I saw a program on TV where they used 1 of these so I was glad to find 1 to use,I planted thyme,oregano.chives and basil in them,we'll see how well they sell.
I gathered ripe produce from the garden also,and this basket is what makes all the work worth while because there is nothing better than fresh produce straight from your garden to your table not to mention the great feeling of accomplishment you get.
We had a very late,very light supper tonight,I helped daughter send a job resume on my computer,sometimes she pushes buttons to fast for her own good,YOU'RE WELCOME HONEY.D-in-love called and said g-son was running a little fever she thinks he is cutting 2-year molars,I hope that is what it is and he isn't getting sick especially with this special weekend coming up of course that's when kids get sick you know. I started icing cakes and 12 caramel, 2 chocolates, 2 coconuts later I'm throwing in the towel for tonight,I think my late nights are catching up with me,they have a way of doing that sometimes (alot of times okay).Anyway like I said before I just love that God keeps me healthy and gives me the strength to make the most out of everyday.I just LOVE HIM SO MUCH. Good night.

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