Sunday, July 19, 2009

Church,House Searching

Slept in awhile this morning,got to church a little late, I love going to church and visiting with our church family and praising God with them they are so special.The pastor talked about a benefit some members of our church held yesterday for a local young boy with a rare disease,he said they auctioned off cakes and one of them brought $115 he asked if it was one of mine,they had 4 of my caramel cakes but I don't know if that was one of mine or not they raised $4900 to help with travel expenses to go to a hospital that specializes in his disease. After service I dropped hubbie off at home to start lunch and went to Ingles to pick up some barbacue sauce for grilled chicken breast,we also fixed corn on the cob,seasoned baked potatoes,green beans,fried squash,cucumbers and tomatoes,with yeast rolls and iced tea.#1 son and d-in-love dropped g-son off while we were cooking and ran out to the new Tractor Supply store because today is the last day of their opening sale. #2 son,daughter,her b-friend,fa-in-law,came in before they got back and we went ahead and ate as we have to eat in shifts anyway because our table only has 6 places so it worked out perfectly as we were just finishing when they made it back.After they ate we sat outside and watched g-son play in the yard,the weather is so nice still cool and dry.We discussed our fall beach trip and everyone is going to see which week they can get off this week so I can go ahead and rent a house.Daughter and b-friend picked blackberries,blueberries,bell peppers to take with them they do alot of cooking and she has a dog sitting job this week so I don't know when I'll see her again.She stays at peoples houses when they go on vacation and cares for their pets,she still works her regular job .The next 3 days she has to work the night shift and produce the morning news.Lord keep her awake on the drive home in the mornings.
At 4:00 #2 son took fa-in-law home while the rest of us loaded up in b-friends suv and went to look at 2 houses with him,he wants our opinion and we tend to be a bit more critical than he is,don't know if that is bad or good,but it is what it is.I think his realtor didn't like it but I'm not sure how much help she is giving him or if she is just trying to make a sale.She did tell me she thought the older house we looked at might be a bad investment,#1 son looked in the attic and the roof has holes in it,among other 1928 features and problems it has.The other house is really small and way up on a mountainside,but is a newer house.I feel bad for him because there is just limited properties in his price range,we'll just keep looking and something will come along.G-son went to sleep riding between houses.
When we got home #1 son took all the lunch leftovers home with them,Daughter took all her produce and hubbie and I just snacked for supper.I took another long walk in this nice weather.
Looking back on this week and praising God for all the blessings he has poured out on me and my family as we get ready to begin another busy work week I can't help but wonder what He has in store for us and what opportunities He will provide for us to spread the Good Word about His wonderful love and graciousness.
I am watching the news then I will take my 4-legged kids a bath and head to bed looking forward to tomorrow. May God Bless You and Keep You Always.

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