Saturday, July 18, 2009


Up and at it early today ,wrapping,cutting cakes and loading van for market,hubbie follows me in his car and helps me unload and set up on Saturdays because it is usually a mad rush when I first get there. He also visits with many of our neighbors who sell there as they all catch up on the weeks happenings and compare ideas and what ever else men talk about.
I met my daughter's little sisters adopted grandparents today when they came looking for me to tell me she had taken 1/2 of the caramel cake I gave her on the plane with her to visit an aunt in California.They are in a church program that allows couples to adopt families in need ,so they have Kate and her mother as their family,they had taken her to the airport as her mother doesn't drive.
Today was a very busy day,hubbie left and went to take his father to the grocery store as he does every saturday and spend some time with him.I stayed so busy I didn't have time to eat lunch I just had a pack of crackers.Daughter and her boyfriend came by and she helped for a while but had to leave as they were going to visit his brother in another county about 2 hours away.I had some avon customers come by and pick up their orders.As I was leaving a friend came and picked up a cake to take to a family in her church that had a death she will pay later,bless her heart she gives away more cakes than anybody I know,I'm sure there is a special reward waiting in Heaven for her.
I went by the p.o. and mailed an avon order to Florida,we have an automated machine in our p.o. to do all business after regular hours. I stopped at 3 stores to pick up baking supplies for next week,after I got home and unloaded everything and got it put away at about 4:30 I hit the couch.AAAHHHHHHH that's what it feels like at this time on Saturday when the week is almost done.Me and my 2 4-legged kids rested on the couch and watched a fishing show on TV while hubbie grilled us steaks,we had grilled yellow squash and baked potatoes and cole slaw to go with them.I tried out a microwave potato baking bag that a friend sent me and it worked like a charm it took 10 minutes to bake 2 potatoes as opposed to an hour in the regular oven.Wow this is great.
After supper I went to the garden and picked green beans,more squash,cucumbers,bell peppers,and tomatoes for Sunday dinner tomorrow.We haven't decided what else to have yet but it will be good.I love garden time everything just taste so good fresh from the garden.We got corn from one of the neighbors at market this morning,as we don't have room to grow our own corn anymore.We used to grow a huge patch and put a bunch in the freezer when the kids were all at home.
I took a long walk this evening,the weather is so nice and cool high today was 78 and it has really cooled off this evening feels like fall is in the air but I'm sure this won't last long.I plan to do nothing tonight but relax.Have a Blessed Lords Day tomorrow.

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Claudia said...

Tell me more about the bags to bake potatoes in the microwave ... I'm all about "quick" cooking, you understand.

Sounds like your Sat. was packed - as always! :)

More power to you!