Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Woke up to a rainy morning,thank goodness we needed it.Daughter called and told me about all the stuff she had just bought at a tailgate market near where she works,it sounded very good and reminded me I hadn't eaten breakfast yet.
I spent the morning doing housework (Dirty job man where are you????) you know come to think of it I've never seen him do any housework,granted I don't watch much TV, about the only shows I watch are whatever happens to be on while I'm doing something in the room where the TV is,but I wonder. I refilled all my bird and squirrel feeders while it is stopped raining.
G-son got here about 11:00,as he was eating lunch #1 son found some tires for his dump truck and took off to look at them.G-son and I went outside after lunch and he rode his green one as he calls it. We are waiting for daughter to call and meet up with her to go to a church in the next county that sells salvage groceries,dog food,etc to fund their missions program. My sister-in-law who is also a good friend called and wanted to go with us.I picked her up and we met daughter at an Ingles store near where she is dog sitting to leave her car.G-son was glad to see her.We found quite a few good deals there,you never know what they are going to have because they don't even know themselves.What they have is bent cans, close-outs,discontinued,stock left when somewhere goes out of business,etc,and they sell it all by the pound.We even found diapers today.G-son was very good while we shopped I gave him some paper and a pen and he said he was making a list for us.We got all our deals loaded up and headed back to town.We dropped daughter off,I won't see her again until tomorrow night when she finishes her sitting job.I dropped sister-in-law off and g-son was fighting sleep so we headed home to find pawpaw waiting.It has rained quite a bit since I left and is still drizzling and a cool 72. We unloaded my van and hubbie and g-son relaxed while I put everything away.They liked the fruitloop straws I bought.#1 son came back after having the tires put on and took g-son home.Hubbie and I fixed supper and then during a break in the rain I cut some basil to sell tomorrow,just got back in when it rained again.There won't be any walking today so I will get an early start on my cake icing.Before I started on cakes I payed bills for my father-in-law,before mother-in-law died she handled all their money and payed all the bills so he has no idea and with his memory loss he couldn't even if he wanted to so hubbie has POA over all his business and since I pay all our bills I do his and hubbie just signs the checks.
I iced 18 caramel cakes,2 yellow/chocolate and 4 coconut cakes ,wrapped and labeled them all,and it is only 11:30 and I am finished.It's bath and bed,ready for an early start tomorrow.G-son called about 10:30 to tell me good night and that he loved me ,I asked him if he had said his prayers and he said "Thank you God" my sentiments exactly.Good Night.

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Thank You God indeed ...