Thursday, July 27, 2017


It was very hard to shake out the cobwebs this morning after a pretty sleepless night. I have no idea why some nights I just can't get my mind slowed down and relaxed enough to get to sleep. When I went to bed my mind was racing with so many different thoughts and I felt a real fear tonight as there is an armed man on the loose around here and they have been hunting him for several days with no luck. Tonight the authorities think he may have kidnapped an elderly Mills River man named Thomas Bryson and took him and his truck to make his escape from that area but they have idea where he might have headed.
We know some of Mr. Bryson's family members and are praying he isn't hurt.
With that going on plus Bernie the dog's sickness , hubbie's last day of work today and several other things rummaging around in my head it was well after 2am before I went to sleep then every noise woke me up wondering what it was.
I got ready for market with already a jerky feeling in my stomach and my nose burning as if I am getting  a head cold.
Hubbie was waiting to help get me set up at market as he only had to work a couple hours to end his career with the school system. I think he is really glad to be done with work.
We are just a little nervous how the money is going to work out and no one could tell us what we needed to know about how my health insurance would be taken out of his retirement income so we just have to wait and see how much he gets.
Daughter brought her baked things to market and stayed for awhile with g-daughter I. Shortly on the slow day hubbie and daughter left to go to her house and get her lawn mowed before all the rain moves in after lunch.
I started selling better and had a very good day after all.  Thankful to the Lord for the blessing.
I didn't feel great but made it through the day okay thankful for the rain shower just after noon that cooled things down significantly.
I made regular errand stops and stopped at Walmart to pick up baking supplies for tomorrow.
 I made it home about 3:30 and hubbie was home mowing our lawn. He stopped and helped me unload then mowed until a shower ran him inside for a while.
#2 son came by with a tire from TIf's jeep to try and figure out where the leak was. We all three tried to see bubbles as he held it  in the water tank but no luck.
After he left I did chores then relaxed for the evening and got things done early so I can go to bed earlier and try to make up for last night's lost sleep.
Bernie the dog seems to be feeling better tonight.
VBS had 111 kids in attendance tonight . G-son is standing in back row in center with white shirt on.
And g-daughter R leaving her mark on this years VBS even from the nursery class !!!
 Update on the fugitive manhunt from the last several days that I was worried about last night . The fugitive was captured early this morning in McDowell county east of here in Thomas Bryson's truck but there is no sign of Bryson so now there is a massive search for him and evidently the fugitive is not talking about what happened to him.
 Grateful to God for the blessings of this day and for His never ending love.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Praying you sleep better tonight. Congratulations on your hubby's retirement. Also praying they find Mr. Bryson alive and okay. Have a great weekend. Blessings