Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Up and out on a cloudy muggy morning. After morning chores and a quick breakfast hubbie and I both headed outside to the garden.
Hubbie weeded the okra while I moved a couple chicken tractors to new locations. The hard rains of the last several days made a muddy mess where they were at.
Then hubbie and I picked the half funner beans . We got about a bushel off the one row we planted. The bean vines were really loaded this year.

With all the recent rain we have had we are truly grateful for the produce our garden is giving us this year.
We finished out gardening just before lunch so after I ate I headed back outside. It is very seldom that a planned day totally comes together for me but today was one of those rare days when I got everything done I had planned on doing.
This garden bed below the sunroom needed attention badly and it sure looked different after I got all the Lemon Balm cut for drying and the unwanted bushes clipped and pulled out of it.

This rose bed next to the well house didn't show as much of a drastic change but I got all the unwanted poke weed and wild grape vine out of it.

While I worked I was sweating so badly I had to have a towel to keep whipping my face and eyes out so I could see.
The air is so moisture laden it is almost unbearable out in it for long.
I pulled more weeds around in the other beds and cut the tall weeds from around my Rose of Sharon bushes that are starting to bloom.

I finally took a nice break out in the covered patio where there is always a nice cool breeze blowing over the hill. This view from here this July is a pretty green one unlike some of the past years when we have been in droughts this time of year.
My faithful companion was relaxing beside me while I rested.
We did chores a bit early and then headed over to Aa's for a Fourth of July celebration with his parents and his sister's family , #1 son's family, daughter's family and some friends from church.
It was a delicious meal of smoked butt, grilled corn on the cob,baked beans, slaw, chips, watermelon, and a fruit pizza.
D-in-love sent me this pic of g-daughter R putting her make-up on and getting ready !!!!

We had to make a run for it just as everyone finished eating when a rain shower came through but it was short lived and didn't even put out our camp fire.
The kids went back outside and made s'mores with roasted marshmallows . They enjoyed it very much.
They couldn't wait for the fireworks to begin so they got to burn their sparklers while they waited.

The fireworks were great and all the kids enjoyed them very much even g-daughter R warmed up to them after spending the first part coiled in her Pawpaw's lap.
Daughter and Josh took g-daughter I home before the fireworks began knowing it would hurt her little ears.

All the guys decided next year we would have lots more fireworks !!!
What a wonderful fun evening to celebrate the 241st birthday of our great country. I hope all folks in bloggerland had a safe happy fourth holiday.
Thanking God for the blessings of this day and for the love He extends to His children each second of each day.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

i had a somewhat restful 4th. After mowing the lawn I rested for the rest of the day. Since I live in the city we aren't allowed to shoot off fireworks - only parks can. The city fireworks are so crowded that we never go anymore. Yours looks like my kind of crowd. Blessings