Monday, July 3, 2017


Up on this Monday morning to get g-son and g-daughter R while mom went to work. After they had their breakfast I did chores then we all got ready and went over to pick up daughter and g-daughter I to go to the Asheville outlets to do a little shopping. The shoppers minus hubbie who was taking the picture.
These two were so good while we shopped and had lunch in the food court.
After lunch we let the kids have some fun .
G-son got in the hurricane simulator where the winds got up to 80 mph.

G-daughter R picked this school bus to ride in the little arcade and it turned out to be the only thing that didn't work.
G-son sadly is getting way to big to squeeze into these little toys !!!
G-daughter finally decided to ride the ice cream truck but only if her brother would ride with her.

We didn't find many deals today but daughter got some things she wanted and I used my $10 birthday gift money from one of the stores over there.
We headed home shortly after lunch and had to make a feeding stop for g-daughter I as she got pretty tired of being in her carseat.
We dropped her and daughter off at their house and then headed home with 2 sleeping kiddos !!!
They both woke up when we got home and had a snack before mom picked them up.
As hubbie and I started watching the early evening news the bottom dropped out with pouring rain again.
It rained 1 and 2/10ths inch in about 20 minutes creating rivers through the yard and lakes all around for the second time in the last 3 days.
Thankfully the rain stopped shortly after 6:00 and we got chores done without getting soaked.
I had to make a cake delivery of 5 cakes and the couple met me at Ingles for the pick-up so I did my shopping for tomorrow's cook out food that I am fixing after they picked the cakes up.
Hubbie and I rested this evening and got an early bedtime.
Thankful for the blessings of traveling mercies today and all the other blessings that God sent my way today.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Those kids sure looked like they were having fun. Your downpour picture is cool . Have a Happy and Safe Fourth of July. Blessings