Sunday, July 30, 2017


Woke to partly cloudy skies but the sun seemed to be winning the battle.

 I didn't sleep well at all last night ,maybe because of that very greasy fried okra I ate at 8:30 , maybe because of a painful hip from the ride down here, maybe the feel of a different bed and a smaller sized bed, queen instead of the king we have at home or probably a combination of all of these.
Plus I woke up 30 minutes before my alarm went off this morning and couldn't go back to sleep because my stomach was feeling pretty bad.
Thankfully by the time I got dressed and went into to have breakfast with everyone I felt better.
Daughter had plenty of help with diaper changes this morning.
#1 son loves his new little niece I.

 After breakfast we all took a walk down the beach.

G-son was the lucky one today that found an entire Sand Dollar.

We came back inside and had an early lunch before putting up our beach canopy and heading back out for the afternoon of beach fun.
G-daughter I fell right into the beach life.
G-son said he had "the best day" got to play in the ocean with Uncle Josh, Aunt T and Pawpaw.

He learned how to float on his back quickly.

He also likes to still play in the sand .

 G-daughter R who napped early in the afternoon came out later and got in her ocean play for the day.
Her favorite part was showering with this hose to rinse all the sand off.
 Then she loved playing in her little pool and sprinkler.

Everyone one had a great time.
We came in about 4:00 and after I played a quick game of ping pong with g-son daughter and I took g-daughter I in the stroller and walked to the end of the island.
We had spaghetti for supper tonight and stayed in.
We watched these large birds taking care of their young high up on top of this pole.

This was the highlight of g-daughter R's day to get to hold her baby cousin, just look at that face !!!

Josh, daughter, g-daughter I , hubbie and I walked down the beach and watched a beautiful sunset tonight.

We made peach cobbler for a late night snack tonight and it was delicious !!!
Thankful for a beautiful blessing filled day and looking forward to what God has in store for us tomorrow.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

What a beautiful day and the sunset was gorgeous. Looks like a lovely place to vacation. Glad you felt better as the morning went on. Blessings