Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Up a little earlier today to get chores done and get ready to go with daughter to pick blackberries up at our friends farm on Sugarloaf Mountain.
 We got up there about 10am and got started picking the big sweet blackberries they have.
This was g-daughter I's fist berry picking experience and she didn't even know it,haha !!!!
I picked 2 gallons while wiping sweat .

I took g-daughter I who was also soaking wet with sweat from being wrapped up tight against her mom's chest and we sat in the air conditioning in the car and cooled off  while daughter picked 5 gallons of berries. It didn't take her as long as it did me to pick .
And g-daughter I and I relaxed in the cool car.
We headed back here for lunch and then she and g-daughter I left to go to the beauty shop for daughter to get her hair highlighted by her sister-in-law Kristin.
I baked cakes, 6 caramel and 2 pound cakes then did some housecleaning.
Daughter brought g-daughter I here and met Josh for their late anniversary dinner. They went to the same restaurant that they went to on their first date, West First.
G-daughter I was very good for the first time away from mom.

She took her bottle and drank her milk like a pro and although she kept looking around as if she knew she was in a different place than usual she was good and was sleeping soundly when daughter came in to get her. Nothing sweeter than a sweet sleeping ,snuggly baby !!

I did weekly paperwork and also did month ending paperwork for June so I could pay quarterly taxes.
June was an okay month not as good as some but about the same as last year.
I finished out the evening icing cakes and getting things ready for market.
Thankful for a wonderful day filled with blessings only He can give .
God Bless and Good Night

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