Saturday, July 29, 2017


7am wake up this morning. I did chores then we loaded all my baked goods in hubbie's truck and headed to market to get my friend Georgia set up to sell for me today.
She was already there and it didn't take long to get things carried in and get her ready for the day. I used to go to market on our travel day and then we would leave after market to drive to the beach but after almost colliding with 2 deer in the darkness on one of our trips we decided it would be better to travel in daytime. So when Georgia said she would be glad to run my table for me on the Saturday travel day I gladly accepted her offer. Thanks so much Georgia !!
We got home at 9:00 and finished packing then topped off all the animal food and water, unplugged things in the house and away we went. We took Bernie the dog by the vet's to be boarded for the week. We did this last year with him and he seemed better this way than taking him on such a long ride. Dolly the blind dog will go with us but she sleeps most of the time so it really doesn't matter where she is.
We stopped in Columbus and had an early lunch. #1 son's family left about an hour ahead of us and daughter and Josh left about 3 hours ahead of us. All the kids seemed to be riding fine !!

We travel highway 74 across North Carolina and today #1 son also went that way. Josh and daughter went down I-26 into South Carolina to I-20 and I -95 back up to North Carolina. This will be g-daughter I's first long car ride, hope she does well.
The roads weren't too bad crowded for a summer Saturday.

Hubbie and I stopped once more for gas and we made it to the house where Josh and daughter were waiting by 5:00, #1 son came in just a few minutes behind us. Traveling with 2 kids takes more stops!
Thankful that everyone made it safely.
It was sure good to cross this bridge onto the island.

G-daughter R was very glad to see g-daughter I !!!

After we got all the cars unloaded Josh, daughter and #1 son made a grocery run and picked up supper while they were out.
D-in-love and I took g-daughter R and g-son out to get their first dip in the ocean and pawpaw stayed inside with g-daughter I.

G-daughter has no fear at all of the "big water" as we have been calling the ocean all week. And of course being the water lover she is loved it.

G-son has always loved the ocean and can be happy digging for crabs as he couldn't go very far in at all with just the 4 of us out there.

We had to think up all kinds of bribes to get them off the beach .

We came back inside and I took g-daughter I while pawpaw and g-son played a game of ping pong on the table that is downstairs in this house.
G-daughter I slept while I rocked and enjoyed my view for the week !!

Babies and Beach Sunsets , doesn't get much better !!!
Big brother is so good with his little sister and she sure loves him.

We had supper and then everyone relaxed for the evening. G-daughter R and I walked over to the Oak Island lighthouse which is just across the road from this house.
She was in awe of the big flashing lights in the sky from the working light house.

This has been a wonderful travel day and I am humbly grateful for the blessing of safe travel for the family today and thankful for #2 son who is staying behind and taking care of the farm while we are away.
God Bless and Good Night


Angela B. said...

I just discovered your blog so I have some catching up to do. :) Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing vacation. Blessings to you.

linda m said...

Hope you are enjoying your vacation. I sort of thought that was where you were all last week. Blessings