Thursday, July 6, 2017


Wow !!!  What a hectic morning and I don't know why but the phone ringing every other minute probably had a lot to do with it !!!  I wish folks wouldn't wait until the last minute to reserve cakes or choose a market morning to call and talk about future orders !!
I picked up g-son only a few minutes late and we got his breakfast order quickly at Sonic and got to market only about 10 minutes late. There were several customers waiting which always gets the day off to a crazy start but I surely can't complain about the business !
We finally got settled down and sales were very good today and I almost sold out on a Thursday which is really good.
G-son helped and was well behaved as he waited for his Aunt T to pick him up after her doctor's appointment.

 One of josh's brother's, Brad and his wife and son came in to get there first look at their new niece and their son , Carson and g-son are the same age so they were all going to the pool for the afternoon. He was excited !!
Aunt T and g-daughter I made it just as hubbie brought g-son his lunch so they waited until he ate and let g-daughter I get a good nap before they left. She must have been having a sweet dream !!
The heat of the day made me feel light headed all afternoon and I spent some time just standing out on the sidewalk where I could feel a little breeze. When I got into the Honda the temp in town was 97 hot muggy degrees under dark storm clouds.
After I left market I ran my regular errands and went to sav-mor and Ingles for baking supplies then made a stop at the Verizon place to see about changing my phone plan to an unlimited data plan.
Couldn't afford the unlimited data but did up our GB's to 8 and we get roll over so maybe this will keep us from going over the limit.
I met daughter at home for her to drop off g-son as d-in-love had taken g-daughter R to swimming lessons.
We unloaded the Honda and I hurried up to the garden to pick a few more beans before the dark clouds brought any rain.
Hubbie came in from work and just as we finished picking beans and came inside the rain started falling.
Thankfully it was a light short shower this evening and no storming.
Daughter sent these pics of g-son and Carson at the pool, looks like they had a wonderful time.

Wish these two lived closer to each other they would be great friends as well as cousins.
G-daughter I had her 2 week photo made today and she looks like she has gotten taller.

I tried to watch the news but dozed off and was awakened by #1 son and the kids coming in. His I-phone was locked and he needed my computer to update it .
#2 son and Tif stopped by to pick up some mail and bring a package by for Aa. We all had a nice visit.
I did chores and then played with g-daughter R while son worked on his phone.
D-in--love came in from music practice at 8:30 and picked the kids up to go home and get to bed. Son left his phone hooked to the computer and went home to help get the kids ready for bed.
I had to go up to the chicken houses and put the new pullets in their new overnight houses. This usually takes a few nights to get them going in on their own each night.
I came back inside and hubbie helped me break the beans we picked today and get them ready for canning.
Guess that job will get pushed into tomorrow along with my baking.
Son came back and got his phone updated and hopefully didn't loose all his numbers .
Thankful tonight for the blessings of this day and for the love of a wonderful Savior.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Sounds like you had a very busy day today. Glad to hear you did so well at market. Boy, your grand kids are really growing so fast. Have a great weekend. Isn't it amazing how much cellular phone plans cost? Seems to me they could be a lot cheaper than they are. Blessings