Thursday, January 29, 2015


Out to do the chores in the 26 degree temps again. Breaking ice and hoping the sunshine will keep the water from re-freezing.
After breakfast I headed out to town to run my errands so I could get back home to have lunch.
Well you know what happens to "the best laid plans" .   After a drop at the P.O. I went to a jewelery store a friend suggested to have them look at a diamond I happen to find in my dryer vent Monday after doing a load of laundry that had a couple shirts that I bought from a consignment shop in it.
The diamond feels heavy and scratches glass so it is worth checking out. I was almost hoping it wasn't a real diamond since I would be on a guilt trip unless there was a way to find the owner. The shirts I bought were on sale at 1/2 price so that means the shop had had them for quite some time.
Anyway at this jewelery store their diamond tester was at another store in Brevard.
I went to another jeweler on Main Street downtown and they looked at it and said it wasn't a real diamond, but didn't have their tester either. 
To be sure I will try the first store on Saturday when they have their tester back.
Anyway I called hubbie and told him he couldn't retire yet !!! haha !!
While I was on main street I had to check out another of my favorite consignment shops called the Beehive. I like this store as they also have deep discounts on their clothing after a limited time.
I found a black vest I have been searching for there.
I also checked out Mast General store's sale, but didn't find much in there. I did get a can of Bag Balm for my chapped hands.
I left uptown and stopped at Aldi and Ingles for baking supplies and groceries , at CVS for a new camera card and Tractor Supply for more shavings for the hen houses and birdseed for my feathered friends.
I made it home for a late lunch around 2:00 after I got everything unloaded and put away.
I did some repair sewing that I had piled up and replaced some missing buttons on some things while waiting for g-son to get here.  His mom dropped him off on her way to a doctor's appointment.
He had a snack and then became absorbed in a TV program.
His teeth are really starting to look good making for a nice smile. ( even if it is painful,haha)
We went over to Re's to help make some pictures of baby BB. G-son played with little EL really good while we tried to get some good pics.
D-in-love came to pick him up and visited awhile before heading home for homework time.
Daughter came by also to help with the pictures while I entertained EL who couldn't understand why she wasn't getting all the attention ??
When daddy came in from work she was much happier, she is becoming quite the "daddy's girl".
Daughter dropped me off on her way home. I did chores and had some crackers and cheese for supper as I wasn't really hungry after my late lunch.
The weather has turned really windy again tonight as  a "clipper" system roars across the country. This ones name is Kari for the 11th storm of the winter season.
Unfortunately the same folks who are still digging out from Juno, the storm that dropped record breaking snowfall on the northeast are in the direct path of Kari.
These are some images of Boston and some surrounding areas that got all the snow, ice and coastal flooding from the Juno blizzard earlier.

Praying for these folks tonight as I know some of them are still without electricity and are facing more snow and high winds.
We are facing high winds tonight and tomorrow with the temperature not getting out of the 30's tomorrow.
I can hear the winds outside as I type this.
Grateful to God tonight for the blessings of this day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

We had the thirty mile an hour winds yesterday. Today will be cold - high of 24 - but not as windy. Wouldn't that be wonderful if the diamond was valuable; but I know what you mean about the guilt trip. I would also want to find the owner. Good luck with that one. Have a great weekend and may God bless you and keep you in His protective hands.