Thursday, January 15, 2015


This day started out really early .  Suddenly this morning I was wide awake like I would after I had slept like 10 hours but that was not the case and it was still pitch dark outside. As I rolled over the clock said 6:00 and I wondered why I was awake ?   Just as I rolled back over and closed my eyes my cell phone rang with the news from Re that her baby boy was ready to make his entrance.  When I went to bed last night I worried that if I was in a deep sleep I would not hear my cell phone,so I thank my guardian angel for waking me before that phone rang, not taking any chance that I wouldn't hear it!
I got dressed and headed on over to their house through the path in the woods.
Re, Aa and Re's mom were all ready and headed on to the hospital as soon as I arrived. Little EL was still in her bed fast asleep, oblivious to all the excitement just outside her bedroom door.
I made myself at home in the recliner and napped until I heard her talking at about 8:45. As I watched the monitor she looked as if she was trying to pull her diaper off so I went into her room. She was very very surprised to see Mimi instead of mommy this morning but she is such a happy little girl she never stopped smiling.
She had some breakfast and then we came over to my house, we let all the animals out on our way here.
She wanted more to eat while I had my breakfast , she had already eaten a whole waffle and now she had a cookie and some vege sticks.
We spent the morning playing with pots and pans and farm toys.

She even was a little snuggley today which she is usually way too busy for that when she is over here and this was my favorite part of the day. She is a good snuggler !!
After a good lunch she was ready for a nap.
She is a smart little thing and has figured out exactly where the camera part of the monitor is.
When I layed her in the crib I always rub her stomach and say be really quiet and the sandman will come quickly.
As she shuffled around her crib holding on to her favorite bedtime giraffe after I left she was repeating in a loud whisper,"shhh, be really quiet". I'm glad she couldn't hear me laughing !!!
She layed down  for awhile just staring into space and asking for "mommy" a couple times as if she was thinking about her and I am sure she was.

Then she assumed the position !!   On her belly is how she always goes to sleep.
She slept pretty fitfully with occasional pleas for mommy but she didn't cry and at least she slept some.
I know she senses that something is happening today even if she can't understand what it is.
She slept until d-in-love brought g-son by to play with her after school for a while.
They were playing hide and seek and having a very good time as they always do with each other.

It amazes me how well they play together with their age difference. G-son stayed and played while d-in-love went home to fix supper.
 Aa came after EL and took her home to spend the night with Re's mom while Aa went back to the hospital to spend the night.
This is the sweet new adddition, he weighed in at 7.2 lbs and was 20 inches tall born a little after 11am.
Meet baby BB !!
Wonderful day for this sweet couple as they welcome this precious little boy into their family. Daddy is going to show EL this picture tonight and talk to her about her new little brother.
A beautiful sunset to end this eventful day.

 After everyone left tonight hubbie went with me for a quick trip to Walmart to pick up some baking supplies for a couple orders I have for Saturday.
Heading to bed early tonight to catch up .
Thanking God for the little miracle He added to all our lives this morning and thankful for this special family as they move forward in God's love.
Good Night and God Bless.

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