Sunday, January 4, 2015


Annie's face sums up this nasty morning well. She looks rained on and miserable like everything else outside this morning. As I opened the hen house doors they looked at me as if to ask if I really expected them to come out ??
The creek was running almost bank full from the additional 1 3/4 inches of rain we received overnight.
It was misting rain as we went into church but had stopped when we came out. We celebrated the Lord's Supper today during our service.
We had a big spaghetti lunch and everyone made it today.  After we ate everyone had a nice visit before going off on their own Sunday afternoon ventures.
Re looks pretty miserable , I think the baby is about ready to make his entrance !!
Talked to a friend, Georgia , this afternoon about her fainting episode that left her with a fractured sinus cavity, a broken tooth and a badly cut lip that required plastic surgery.  She thinks her low blood pressure made her faint so she has to be more careful, especially early in the mornings.
I took some time to relax and watch the birds in my back yard this afternoon.

After chores this evening I relaxed with my 4-legged kids awhile.
There was a beautiful sunset this evening as the clouds blew away in the breezy wind that is blowing in some winter weather for us. Today's temperatures have us spoiled as they were in the upper 50's.
Tonight's predicted 29 degrees is going to be a severe shock for everything outside in the still damp foggy conditions.

As I looked to the eastern sky I saw this almost full golden moon making it's way up into the night sky.
By the time I came inside and got my big camera some of the clouds had lifted and the moon was higher in the sky.

I was trying different settings on my camera to get the best effect.
Grateful to God tonight for another blessed Sunday and praying that I glorify His name in all that I do.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

I love your new header picture plus all the photos you posted. Unfortunately I didn't get to see the full moon last night. But your pictures of it sure are pretty. Blessings to you