Saturday, January 10, 2015


Brrrr, 13 degrees greets us as we head out to market this morning. I am dressed in several layers as I know with the cold this past week the concrete in the walls and floor of market will be holding on to the cold.
Today was slow as I expected but I am thankful for what I did sell.  I gave a favorite customer who is always buying cakes for other people a cake of her choice today when she came in to buy herself a birthday cake. Happy 73rd birthday Doris Henderson.
Re  brought her mom who drove down from Ohio yesterday to be here when the baby is born in to see me this morning. She found some hand woven rugs for her new house up in Ohio. Little EL had to get reacquainted with everyone at market.
Daughter came in after she had ball practice and brought me a cappucino from the coffee shop next door.
I had really nice visits from friends all day so it made the slow customer traffic day pass quickly.It was a good thing the smell that filled market shortly after noon from one of the heater's motors burning up was detected quickly and that heater shut off or I would have surely had a migraine from that strong odor before I could have gotten out of there. These old gas heaters are very old but new ones are so expensive we can't afford to change them right now. Hopefully we can have a new motor put on this heater and get by another year.
After market I made a stop at Aldi and then Petco to try to find something for Bernie , who is still coughing. The Lomotil works in stopping his cough but I hate how he acts so drugged after I give it to him. I found some allergy ease pills to give him daily in there that strengthens his respitory system.
After hubbie helped me unload the van we watched the 2nd half of the UNC/ Louisville basketball game. It was a very good close game and UNC won by one point.
I did chores and then had supper so we could rest on this Saturday night.
The high temperature today was 38 here and tonight is another cold one with a low of 17 again so it is another 2 stove night.
I shouldn't complain as I look at the news and see what is going on in the northern states.
This is lake Michigan frozen in the frigid temps .
And this is a sad event that proved deadly for several people as 170 cars and trucks piled up on an interstate in Michigan during a blinding snow storm.
Now this weekend the second storm in a week, this one named Hektor, aims more snow and nasty weather at the same areas for this weekend and the first of next week and bringing us rain starting tomorrow evening.
In sad news of the day, a smoldering electrical fire in one of the barns at Hollywild, a petting zoo type park in Inman,SC  caused the death of 28 of their animals yesterday. They all died from smoke inhalation.
I have never been to this park but G-son's family has been there several times. The park always has a Christmas light display and it is always a very popular place for kids and adults.
So sad for all those animals but the vet said it looked like they had quick painless deaths.

Praying tonight for all involved in these accidents on the roads and in the fire and also praising God for all the love He gives me each day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

There sure has been some sad news all weekend. I heard about the Interstate pile up and all the deaths due to the cold but not about the animal park. Makes me grateful to just wake up in the morning. Praying God keeps you and your family safe. Blessings