Monday, January 26, 2015


A cloudy cool morning today as I did chores and headed inside to have breakfast with hubbie before going over to Asheville to have my yearly mammogram.
My appointment was at 10:30 this morning. Hubbie decided he would ride along as we had several errands to run and it was too cold and nasty to do anything else today.
The rain started getting heavier as we crossed Hooper's Creek mountain into Buncombe county and by the time we got to the Breast Center in Asheville it was turning to sleet with the temperature around 34 degrees.
Today was the longest wait time I have ever had at this center. I still was back in the van before 30 minutes past my appointment time so that was good. Hubbie took the news paper and sat in the van and read it.
We stopped at a natural pharmacy and I picked up some liquid vitamins to start taking this time of year when I usually get so tired from the inactivity of winter time !!
I also made a stop at the Biltmore gatehouse to restock my supply of wassail mix from there and then on back to Henderson county to pick up chicken feed.
It was almost noon but we decided to check out the sales at Belks before we headed home for lunch.
We both found  some great deals at 75% off .
We had lunch when we got home then I started gathering laundry when the phone rang. Hubbie  answered it and it was for me. I figured it was a cake order, but I was wrong.  Not even worrying about a call from the breast center until tomorrow I was very surprised when the voice on the other line said they were calling to schedule a re-check mammogram. The doctor had seen something in my right breast so he wanted another mammogram and maybe an ultrasound.   The first appointment she had was next Tuesday morning.
I have walked this road before a couple years ago with my left breast. That time it was a harmless Lypoma , so I would ask you all for prayers that if it would be God's will that this will be the same result . Thanks in advance.  Fortunately I don't feel the same anxiety that I felt last time and that is good since I have to wait a week for the re-check.  Last time they called the next morning and told me to come immediately, I was physically ill by the time I got there.  This time I have totally put it in God's hands and as I have said many times on here, He is in total control and I can accept that.
This afternoon we had plans to do some work outside in the chicken pens but with the cold wind that was whipping in the upper 30's temperature I decided to stay inside and get the weekly laundry done. Hubbie did go out for a little while and get the old chicken manure all cleaned out of the compost bin and spread on the garden.
I did 4 loads of laundry and some housecleaning  until it was chore time this evening.
As we watched the news tonight I am thankful that we aren't having the blizzard that the northeastern states are getting ready for.
With up to three foot of snow and 75 mph plus winds the New York subway system is shutting down at 11:00 tonight , all the airports are already closed and also at 11:00 all roads in and out of the major cities in the path of this storm will be closed to any traffic except emergency vehicles.
As the storm was just getting to that area before dark tonight the snow was already starting to pile up quickly on the streets of NYC. Saying prayers for all these folks tonight.
 All we are getting from this storm in our area will be cold temps and high winds. The chill factor will be closed to single digits tonight and tomorrow only in the teens.
#2 son came by after work tonight and had a left over supper with us . He was getting off work late after going in late after a dentist appointment this morning. He had to have another tooth crowned.
Hubbie and I watched a UNC/ Syracuse basketball game tonight which UNC won.
Hubbie went to bed early tonight to get ready for another work week.
I also am tired and need to get ready for a busy day tomorrow.
Grateful for the ability to put all my concerns into the loving arms of my Heavenly Father and trust Him to be with me every step of this journey.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

I will keep you in my prayers. Praying everything turns out okay with your mammogram recheck. Blessings

Far Side of Fifty said...

I hope all goes well with your re check. I have calcifications and they recheck them from time to time...the first time I was real worried after that not so much..give it all to God and he will sort it out! :)