Friday, January 9, 2015


Another cold ice breaking morning !!  I think the animals are getting as tired of drinking water laced with ice as I am of breaking ice out of their dishes.
The sun is shining nicely today but the 17 degree temp hung on for a slow warm up this morning.
I baked cakes before lunch, 6 caramel, 1 chocolate,3 pounds and 1 blackberry wine cake.
The temperature tomorrow morning is going to be lower than today around 13 so market will not be good again probably.
After lunch I dusted the house and vacuumed and mopped all the floors. My back is telling me it hates housework also !!!!
I did chores early and waited for Re to pick me up to go out to the school to watch daughter's team play ball. D-in-love met us there.
At these 4:00 games the crowd is very sparse and so we could let little EL enjoy herself as she watched the game. She calls it a "B-Ball" game. She's all decked out in the school's purple colors.

Daughter was very disappointed with her girls hustle in this game as they lost to Brevard who they had previously beaten.

We stayed after the game until daughter came out of the locker room so EL could see her as she had been wanting to go down on the floor where she was coaching from.
We left and came home at half time in the JV boy's game about 5:30.
It is great how much later already darkness is coming as the days get longer now.
I got these pics from the site of another photographer of daughter in the back ground as she watches a cheer leader flip and as she watches the varsity players fight for the basketball.

The varsity team won their game.
I had supper when I got inside for the evening and then iced my cakes and got things ready for market.
Grateful for the blessings of this day as always.
Good Night and God Bless.

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