Thursday, January 8, 2015


A photographer friend of mine posted this early this morning.
Actually our thermometer here at the farm said 4 degrees, but who's arguing, it is very cold.
Thankfully we didn't loose our electric overnight as many to the south of us did with wind blowing down trees on power lines.
G-son was up and raring to go at 7:30 this morning wanting his waffles for breakfast.  A 2 hour school start delay seems like a long time to wait for school and by the time it was time to go he didn't want to go at all. It's been awhile since the living room looked like this early in the morning !!

 He kept telling me to call his mom and let him talk to her so she would let him miss school today, I kept telling him that would not happen.
I did all my morning chores and had breakfast so after I dropped him at school I headed on into town to do my shopping at Aldi and Walmart while I was out.
This is the temp this morning around 10:30.
Whew! I got all my shopping done. I haven't been grocery shopping since before Christmas so I had to go all around the store. Thankfully not many folks were venturing out in this cold and it didn't take long.
I came home had lunch, kept the fires in both wood stoves stoked, and got the 6 caramel cakes ready to be delivered. I just didn't feel like getting into anything else today.
I left at 2:30 to stop by the P. O. on the way to the cake delivery. This was the high temp for today.
The customer was waiting for me so that was great and I got a head start on the school traffic to get to the bank before heading home on all the back roads to avoid the after school traffic back ups.
Poor Flash was inside Annie's warm straw filled dog house when I got back this afternoon. His short hair offers no insulation against the cold . He always stays inside the basement  at night and I put him back up this morning while I was gone but he took care of himself this afternoon. Sadie also gets to sleep inside the basement and Annie would if she would come in, but that dog would have to be carried inside as she does not like being in a crate at all.  We did carry her inside last year when it got to zero but last night decided to fill her house full of straw and not  traumatize her. She snuggled back in her house which is out of the wind and made a nice warm nest so we knew she would be fine. Flash found that nice warm nest this afternoon.
I had to carry a bucket of water from the kitchen to give all the chickens a drink this evening at chore time as all the waterers were frozen back solid.
At least my gloved fingers didn't stick to the metal fencing tonight like they did last night.
As I type this tonight at 10:00 it is 20 degrees so maybe it won't get as cold as last night.
I am tired tonight , hopefully from the extra person in bed last night and not from something I'm coming down with. I have been sneezing tonight but the wood stove upstairs that lets out smoke each time we add wood always makes me do that. At least I hope that's what it is !!!
An earlier than usual bedtime will help my energy level I'm sure.
God is good all the time, all the time God is good and He loves us all !!
Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

those are some really cold temps for your part of the country. Glad the animals are all keeping warm. Schools in our area have been closed due to the horrible wind chills. Praying this cold doesn't last much longer or I will have to go into hibernation like the bears. Have a great weekend. Blessings