Friday, January 2, 2015


A cold 30 degree morning with cloudy skies greeted us this morning as g-son arrived at 8:00 to stay while his mom went to the doctor.
He brought his mom's I-pad so we hardly knew he was here except for the 2 waffles he had for breakfast.
After chores and breakfast hubbie took my van to have it inspected so I can get my new tag.
G-son and I hung out here until his mom got home around 10:00.
I baked a coconut cake  and a chocolate pound cake to fill orders tomorrow. I suspect market will be a ghost town with the forecasted cold rain.
I am going to have an across the board price raise on all my baked goods. This is the first price raise I have had in years but with the cost of all my ingredients going up more and more and now an egg shortage predicted I had to raise the prices.
I ran across a note to myself that ask for information for a local historian book author about the mid-wifery practice of my great grandmother in this county.  Terry Ruscin has already written a couple books about the history of Henderson county and he is working on another one. I spent some time going through all my old pics and info and found some interesting facts about Susan Pryor's mid wife practices. She was a very sought after mid-wife in a three county area. She never lost a mother or a baby in her entire years of practice. She even delivered a set of triplets, although she sent quickly for a doctor when she realized there were three babies , the doctor didn't get there until she had all the babies delivered and doing well. A man from Buncombe county came all the way to get her to be with his wife and offered to pay her twice what her normal fee of $2 was to go with him. He also insisted she raise her fees for everyone to $4.

Maybe Terry can look farther into her life and find some more info, I'm sure he has more ways to get info than I do.
Anyway while I was searching for that info I went through all my pics for my January 2015 decade photos.  January was a calm month usually and not many years had pics dated January.
In 1955 , however my favorite aunt got a new puppy named Duke for Christmas of that year so there was something else to photograph as well as me ! This is my favorite Aunt Hattie Holmes (my mom's sister) with Duke.

This is another sister, my aunt Mary Ruff with Duke.
This is my Aunt Hattie and Uncle Anderson Holmes
And of course when the camera came out there was always pictures of me as the only niece.

I spent the entire afternoon in reminiscing mode and it was nice.  I wonder what life was like back even in the mid 50's as I grew up and especially in the late 1800's and early 1900's when my great grandmother was walking or horseback riding around the counties delivering babies. This also brought to my attention the fact that my dad was 20 years old when my great grandmother died so he must have known all about her and I never ask him anything about her . Then on the other hand I don't remember my dad ever even taking about his mother.  He talked a lot about his dad and brothers and sisters.
Each time I dig into family history I usually have more new questions than I find answers.
It's made for a good rainy day activity anyway.
Hubbie got the new grill put together that we bought on black Friday and then he helped Aa put up some gate post across the road.
He doesn't mind the nasty cool weather and if he stays inside he just sleeps in the recliner. I can always find something inside that needs doing.
After chores tonight #2 son came by to help eat up yesterday's left overs.
I iced the coconut cake and got things ready for market. The first market day for me in 2015 will be a cold rainy one it looks like.  I did get an order for 6 caramel cakes to be delivered next Thursday afternoon to a customer from Greenville, SC so that will make a good payday for next week.
Getting to bed earlier tonight for an earlier wake up time.
Grateful to God for all the times He blesses me without me deserving that blessing.   Thankful to have a wonderful understanding Heavenly Father.
Good Night and God Bless.

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