Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Up early to get this busy day started. A couple years ago I decided I would get up each day with a purpose in mind for that day.  I stuck with this plan for a while then kind of let it go. I think it was a very good idea so I am getting back to that idea starting today.
After chores and ice-breaking chores as we have already passed our high temperature for today early this morning and now the temperature is dropping throughout the day.
I carried everything fresh water this morning and hope they get a drink before it refreezes.
Back inside I kept 2 fires going all day in both wood stoves, upstairs and downstairs.
This is the first time this year our upstairs stove has been fired up but it feels really good today.
After breakfast I baked 6 caramel cakes for an order to be delivered tomorrow then had lunch.
My purpose for this day was to go through my closets. I still have clothes in there that don't fit anymore since I lost my weight and I needed to get all those out and in bags to be donated.
I had to try on several things to decide which I could wear and what I couldn't wear anymore and what I just didn't want anymore.
I have a huge box and a big garbage bag full of donations and that job is done !
I also had time to get the December figures all tallied up and the end of the year figures done. I had a better year than I thought with a very good December.
I humbly thanked God for the good fortune He allowed me last year and asked for His blessing on this year.
#2 son came by to bring some tools back and get some firewood for his fireplace in case the power goes off in this cold weather we are having.  He showed me some pictures he took of his rock work after he got finished and it looks really good I need to go see it when I get out tomorrow.
After chores and supper we watched the news. The weather is the big story with temperatures overnight close to 0 and high winds dropping chill factors to well below 0 , schools are on delay in the morning and we are all hoping the power stays on. These are the temperature maps at 10:45 tonight.

 Since g-son's school was on a 2-hour delay tomorrow and his mom has to go in on regular time g-son came to spend the night with us tonight so he can sleep in tomorrow morning.
He is so sweet, we played math card baseball tonight.

Even with the excitement of spending the night he still crawled into bed early with his pawpaw, leaving me my blogging time.
The snow flakes were flying this evening giving everything a hazy look as the sun set in another blaze of color.
Feeling very blessed tonight to have a warm house and a loving family.
Praying for all who are out in this cold windy night.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

G-son is just so cute. Glad to hear you are keeping warm and safe. I too am very grateful to God that I have a nice warm house to live in and for all the blessings He gives me. Praying that my hubby's car starts after work - we have below zero temps with - 30 wind chills. Blessings

Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

Oh it sure is cold outside here too!

I love your plan, "to get up with a purpose every day". Something we all should be doing daily.

Stay warm, safe, and give your grandson a big hug.