Saturday, January 3, 2015


Another of many rainy mornings it seems has spilled over into our new year. I slipped and sloshed through chores and got the van loaded for market.
Market was slow as expected but I am thankful for the things I did sell.  My closest neighbor Steve Presley called and asked for prayers for his family as his wife, Lynn's father has been admitted to Hospice with only days to live.
Only a few sellers braved the nasty weather today and very few customers. I was glad to see 2:00 come around so I could get loaded , make one stop at Aldi and get home to a dry warm house.
The rain has continued pretty much all day with temps in the mid to upper 40's but the air had a definite chilly feel this evening.
After hubbie helped me unload we had a late lunch and then I got my laptop back out and fixed it with the help of my desktop.
On the last market day before Christmas when I tried to use the laptop at market I couldn't get any browser to work and it kept trying to tell me that my internet explorer browser was out of date. I had never heard of this so I just shut the laptop off meaning to talk to daughter about it over the holidays but forgot.  So today at market when I turned the laptop on I had a new home page which said TROVI , it had a search bar and looked alot like  google  or yahoo.  When I tried to search it wouldn't go to any of the webpages I typed in but had a mind of its own going to advertising sites.
Also the internet explorer icon was gone from my task bar completely and when I tried to use my google chrome browser the Trovi page would come back up. I also got a notification that my Norton anti virus was turned off.   I shut the laptop off and brought it home.
I turned the laptop and my desktop on and looked up trovi on the desktop. Turns out is is a bad thing, a malware virus that hitch hikes on your browsers.  
I looked up the directions to get it off the laptop and they worked although under my programs list I had to guess by the date when installed what program it might be as it was not listed under the trovi name.  I just went through and uninstalled all programs that had been installed on that day before Christmas when I started having problems.   Yea !!!   for me I fixed the problem and also found out how to turn my Norton back on, still have no idea how it got switched off  or if it was really off ???
Daughter called and I told her what happened, she had never heard of trovi and said she couldn't believe a virus could actually turn the Norton off so I have no idea what went on.
At evening chore time I emptied 3/4 inch of rain from the gauge with the heaviest rain yet to come in the early hours of tomorrow morning.
After this rain passes by winter weather is going to make a very chilling appearance about mid week with single digit overnight temps for at least one night and below freezing during the day.

Well I guess after all it is January !!!!
Hubbie and I watched some of the NFL playoff game between Carolina Panthers and the Arizona Cardinals that d-in-love and her dad are at today.  I thought I saw her in the crowd but when I asked her what color her jacket was I knew it wasn't her.   Carolina won the game so she and her dad were happy.
After that game and a little country music show time we watched the UNC/ Clemson basketball game which UNC won so we were happy !!!!   A good day for the Carolina teams !!
It is 10:30 and as I sit here and yawn I am reminded of my inability to go to sleep quickly last night  with my stuffy nose.  My nose feels better tonight so I am headed to bed for a catch up night of peaceful sleep.
I was reminded tonight as I listened to the news of the power of our Heavenly Father as they told the story of a plane crash in Kentucky that claimed the lives of a mother, father, daughter and cousin when the plane, having engine trouble crashed into a remote wooded area. Miraculously there was one lone survivor of the horrendous crash,  the 7 year old daughter of the deceased couple,who walked at least a 1/4 mile in the dark, barefooted, through the dense woods to the only house that was within miles of the crash site.  After opening the door to a bloody, crying little 7 year old girl who immediately told the couple that lived there that her mom and dad were dead in the plane crash , this couple was completely astonished and said it was nothing short of a miracle that  this little girl walked that far under those conditions and how in the world did she happen to go in the direction of their house ??.
  I know how she did it and God must have a special plan for this little girl is all I have to say !!!.

Tonight I am thankful for the reminder of the power and love of our Heavenly Father and of the blessings of this day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Your computer problem was one i never heard of before. Glad you were able to fix it. That was such a sad story about the plane crash. That little girl was certainly a brave girl and God was with her. I agree that God must have a special plan for her. Temps are dropping here - going to be very cold for the next week (below zero). we also have received over 4 inches of snow in the last two days. Blessings