Friday, January 16, 2015


An unexpected call early this morning changed my plans for this day but like I have said many times before, with each ring of the phone bringing more exciting times, I love it.
Today's call was from Re who is still in the hospital. Aa had spent the night with her and baby BB last night and none of them had gotten any sleep. Re's mom who spent the night at home with little EL was needed at the hospital today to take care of baby BB and Aa needed to come home and get some much needed rest so I went over and brought little EL to my house for the second day.(I can think of many much worse things to do) haha !!!
I did chores on the way over to their house. EL was just waking up when I arrived so Connie (Re's mom) and I had a nice visit while they both ate breakfast.
I had my breakfast when I got back home as I am a late breakfast eater.
I sat EL a small table up in the kitchen with several of her toys that she choose to play with  and she was a really good girl and played contentedly while I baked 6 caramel, 2 chocolate, 3 pound, 1 apple and 1 blackberry wine cake.  The weather is going to be nicer tomorrow than any Saturday so far this month so hopefully we will have a good sales day.
After we both had lunch , EL had 2 helpings of aunt A's (d-in-love) chicken/broccoli/cheese casserole that she made last night.

 I laughed as she ate the chicken without even noticing it was in there as she doesn't' like it most of the time unless it's in  a nugget. She was ready for a nice long nap after she ate.
Talked to daughter who is feeling better from her stomach bug and is at work today.
It was so nice and sunny we had to get outside for a little fun this afternoon.  EL loves riding down the hill in front of the house.

We didn't stay outside long because even with the bright sunshine it is 45 degrees and the wind is starting to blow.
Re got to bring baby BB home this evening so I had cooked a pot roast all day in the crock pot and cut up potatoes,carrots, celery and onions to go with it and took them and my pressure cooker over there so we could cook them to go with the meat while we visited and I got a chance to hold baby BB for the first time. He is really a beautiful baby and little EL loves him also just not sure yet mom should be holding him and not her !!

I think she will be a great big sister once things settle down and she gets used to the new baby.
She's a very loving little girl.
Baby BB seems to be a calm little boy and was really doing great.

Hubbie and I came home, did chores and then I rested for a few minutes watching the news before I iced cakes and got things ready for market.
I didn't even turn the computer on today with all the excitement so this post is written at market and back dated.
These last couple days have been true blessings for all of us and I pray that the coming days will bring even more good news and blessings.
Grateful to God for the place He choose for me.
God Bless.

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