Friday, November 26, 2010


Today started off cloudy and cool with misty rain. After chores I iced cakes while hubbie worked on the barn door .
After lunch we went to Tractor Supply to pick up feed and came straight back home. The roads are not so crowded now thankfully.
Daughter was one of the ones out at 4 am and she said it was unreal how many people were shopping at that hour. No thank you, not for me !!
Hubbie and I cleaned church this afternoon.
The temperature has steadily went down all day.This may be the coldest night of the season,it is 36 degrees at 10:30.
Had a little excitement tonight, #1 son killed the biggest deer he has ever killed,a 9 point.As you can see by the smile on his face,he was happy. Thankful for this bright spot in his life right now !!Of course g-son had to share the excitement. This head will be on #1 son's wall soon !!
That will be our Christmas present to him !
After he and hubbie washed all the meat,they covered it with ice in a large cooler and put the head in there also. He will take it to the taxidermist tomorrow. He will cut and package the meat tomorrow also.
I hate it for the poor deer but I have to admit I said a silent prayer of thanks for that smile on son's face.

In November 2000 #2 son was in to his senior year, daughter was a sophomore and both were playing basketball with games starting around Thanksgiving. #1 son had a job working for a local construction company.Hubbie loves Beagles and someone had just given him 2 puppies that year.#2 son bowls in a charity event with his Key Club.Daughter takes a shot during a game. We spent lots of nights in the gym.Daughter helps keep goodies supplied during Christmas Open House at the Curb Market on the Saturday after Thanksgiving in 2000.

And speaking of Christmas open house it is tomorrow for this year and I have 2 coconut cakes left to ice.
Thankful for God's love tonight.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

The power of a trophy! I smile for the meat!

Jean said...

Congrats to your #1 son! Reminds me of my son's reaction to his first buck with a decent rack.
Wishing y'all a super weekend!

Nezzy said...

Mmmmm, I haven't had a coconut cake in years! Now, what time did ya say you were servin' it??? I'll bring cocoa! Heeehehehe!

Great pics of your beautiful family sweetie. Congrats to son on the big kill...that's quite the deer and the look on the little and big guys face is just priceless!!!

God bless ya and have a splendid weekend sweetie!!!