Wednesday, November 3, 2010


The alarm sounded at 6:30 this morning rousing hubbie and I for our trip to the Pickens ,SC flea market. Hubbie flipped the TV on and as we watched the weather radar we discovered it was already raining at the market. It was chancy last night but they thought the rain would hold off until noon. This is the 4th Wednesday in a row that we have made plans to go down there and got rained out. Oh well it'll be there later on.
Hubbie decided to take the day off anyway and get the chicken lot finished.
After breakfast we started to work.After taking a lunch break and dragging a few more logs to guard the bottom of the fence against outside diggers we were ready to switch the chickens around.The larger layers got the new larger house and lot and they were happily scratching and dusting themselves in their new home.The Silkies were definitely happy to be out of their smaller cages .The Silkie Chicklets wanted to know why they couldn't come out in the big lot????
They are still small enough to slip through the wire around the lot.I am calling this the "Feather Plantation", it serves 2 purposes , a nice place for my chickens which I love to watch and a great way to keep this area from getting over grown with poison oak and briars again. I wish I had a before picture.In this picture of g-son you can see the area behind the stack of bags ,it was very over grown.
After this project was finished we decided the leaves should be raked before the rain.This won't be the last leaf raking time as you can see all the leaves still clinging to the trees above me as I rake.While I was on the ground hubbie was on the roof blowing out the gutters. We put gutter guards on the worst section for leaves but left the rest as the guards have to be removed before it snows or they will cause the weight of the snow to tear the gutters off the house.
We had a busy day but are pretty much ready for the cold snowy winter. I winterized the chicken houses with plastic sheets over the open wire sides.Tomorrow evening we will glean the tomatoes and peppers again as we are supposed to have the coldest temperatures of the season the next few days and maybe even some snow flurries.
I did paperwork tonight while daughter baked and then I finished icing my chocolate and coconut cakes.
A rainy ,cold market day will make for slow business tomorrow if the forecasters are right.
Thankful to God tonight for my health and the ability to work and enjoy the outdoors as much as I do.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Rain...four weeks in a row...send some our way!!!

Great plantation.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

We got rain during the night, Mariyn, But---since it is so wet today, we cannot blow/rake/mow more of our leaves... We hope to get some of that done this weekend--depending upon the weather.

We are supposed to get VERY VERY cold here this weekend also---so that will be the end of the roses for 2010.. Kinda Sad--but it has to happen. We do need some freezing weather to kill these pesky ladybugs...

We do have 3 beautiful Reblooming Irises blooming --so I may just cover them --to hopefully keep them awhile longer... Not sure though... It's just gonna happen!!!

Love the new chicken homes.... I know you are pleased to use that area for them... You all have done alot of work in that area.. Sorry you didn't get to go to the flea market though..


Country Mouse Studio said...

Looks like a wonderful time, reminds me so much of my growing up years, always a project when you live in the country. Love chickens and the houses you made them :O)