Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Rain greeted me this morning as I went outside to do the chores. There is slick mud everywhere.
Back inside after breakfast I started a load of laundry. D-in-love called to tell me the rabbit her mom took from a lady last week and gave to her just had 7 babies. I racked my brain for ideas from when I raised rabbits and she got a box fixed for the babies,the mom seems to be taking good care of them.
I baked cake layers until my mixer just decided to stop working right in the middle of a cake batter. I had to walk over to d-in-loves to borrow hers until I can get to town to buy a new one.
After lunch g-son came to stay with me while his dad dug a ditch for a man and his mom took pictures.While I finished my baking he rode his tricycle around and around the table,pretending to run out of gas and back over to me for a pretend squirt of pan spray as gas.Back on the road and bouncing off the legs of the furniture in the room,made me think back to when my boys would do the same thing. I never fussed at them for the marks they made on things and I don't fuss at g-son , after all these are memory marks for me.
After his dad picked him up, I finished the laundry for the week and decided 4:00 was to late to start my housework,I'll put that off until tomorrow.
Daughter stopped by Subway and brought home sandwiches for hubbie and me for supper. She baked all evening getting ahead on her holiday orders.Wow, a fire truck and how many men?? to hang 1 wreath !!!!!! HoHoHoHo !!!!!,better get in the spirit !!!!!
I am back on my photo organizing kick and that is what I spent the evening engrossed in.
The rain was off and on all day,the temperature got in the upper 50's when the sun would peak out every once in a while. Tonight the skies are clear and the temperature at midnight is still 50 but the wind is blowing hard now.
Thanking God tonight for His blessings and striving to follow Him in all that I do.
Good Night and God Bless.


Jean said...

Reading about your life is soothing.
Please don't stop sharing.:)

Gail said...

Sounds like a pleasant, productive day and with rain!

Country Mouse Studio said...

I agree with Jean and good thing there was no fire :O)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

We had quite a bit of rain, Marilyn --but it finally stopped yesterday afternoon --and then was terribly windy for awhile. Today, it's cool --but the sun is trying to come out..

Looks like your city is getting ready for Christmas!!! Our town's Christmas parade is Dec. 4 I think...

Your grandson is growing up so fast...

7 rabbit babies, huh???? My My!!!! What will she do with them?????Give them away when they are old enough?

Have a great Wed.

Paula said...

7 Rabbit babies? Yikes! *LOL*
Your little grandson is such a cutie. I think those memory marks are pretty special, too!
Sounds like you had a busy day- I got a lot of indoor chores finished up too... we had tons of rain Monday and yesterday, but the sun is out today. (Yay!)