Sunday, November 14, 2010


As I left for church this morning I noticed the clear blue fall sky was slowly but surely being cover with clouds.As we expect rain tomorrow and Tuesday from a system moving across the country and also bring cooler temperatures the sun makes a last stand for several days.
We knew these 70 degree days would have to leave sooner or later.Our new church playground is finished except for placing more wood shavings inside to cushion the ground for the kids.As I took these pictures and walked around the smell of these wood shavings stirred memories for me of our families chicken raising days that I have talked about in earlier post. We always covered the floor in the chicken house with wood shavings that had that wonderful smell.

No sermon at church today, we had a foreign missionary speak about her work in the middle east. This time of year we always have a missionary Sunday in preparation for our Lottie Moon offering in December.
We had a spaghetti lunch with everyone here before embarking on a busy getting ready for the rain afternoon.
#2 son helped hubbie get the camper cover off his pick-up truck,it's been on there since we got back from vacation mid September. Then they loaded the old freezer out of the shed that isn't there any more and another appliance that was in the barn to go to the metal buyer in the morning.
Hubbie and I then declared war on the fallen leaves again, me with a rake ,clearing the driveway ditches and hubbie with the leaf blower on the roof clearing the gutters.
Then we raked and seeded the place where the old buildings were in hopes to get grass coming before it gets to cold.
Then my cousin stopped by while I was finishing up my Operation Christmas Child boxes so I could take them into church tonight. I had 8 boxes this year.
I told cousin you will have to walk and talk because I have chores to do. So we visited while I put all the chickens to roost and dogs in their pens. Then I left him with hubbie while I changed for church.
We are on the 4th chapter in our Christian Atheist book. Tonight we discussed prayer and the how to's and when to's of praying.
I was glad to read what this author said because that is what I do. I don't pray with folded hands or get down on my knees, I pray like I am talking to my best friend and confidant.
I discuss daily things with God constantly as I go through my daily life and try to bathe all my decisions with prayer.
I'm glad we started this study on Sunday nights ,I am really enjoying it and feel it is bringing me closer to Christ.
We left the boxes with a bunch of other boxes in the church foyer,looks like we are going to have quite a few boxes this year. All children should get something for Christmas.

Back home I wrote up the few Avon orders I have getting ready to post them in the morning.

I looked for decade pictures for the 1970's and only came up with my basketball pics that were taken in November of that year.All 98 lbs of me and Lordy,Lordy look at those chicken legs!!!!This was our required traveling attire,we all had to look the same and look professional ,wonder what the players of today would say if they had to wear something like this. We were the Edneyville yellow jackets and our colors were black and gold.Here's the whole team,I'm #31 and this was my junior year in high school.
I enjoyed my high school years very much and loved playing basketball.
My old school was closed many years ago when they built the new high school that my kids attended. The old school was turned into the Western NC Justice Academy for training police officers.
Thankful tonight for a wonderful Sunday filled with family and most of all God.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh I love seeing you as a high school basketball player... Do you follow college basketball? I know that being in NC--you probably don't like Pat Summit (UT LadyVol coach)--since that is competition. BUT--that lady is incredible.... She always has a good team.

Sounds like you had a great day--and a busy one. We woke up to some rain this morning (just a little) --but it was foggy and dreary ALL day long. Twas an "inside" day for us--which was nice for a change.


Country Mouse Studio said...

love the old photos and that's how I do it too, just talking to a friend.