Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Woke to pouring rain and it has not stopped all day,the roads are flooded tonight and the rain is still coming down with no signs of stopping.
Early this morning when I made my cake deliveries the fields were already full of water.There was no creek or stream any where near this orchard but there was plenty of water.
This was what it looked like driving this morning,I was glad to get home out of this mess.
And yes !! Look for next Thanksgiving's issue of Southern Living magazine and you'll find one of my caramel cakes on the menu for dinner.

I did laundry and housework today along with putting up more decorations.Got the living room tree all decorated and moved my snowman collection into the bay window behind it.The stockings are all hung (in our case) behind the wood stove.My Santa collection now more than fills the mantle .Have you ever seen a poinsetta blooming cactus????
This is a real cactus that I have in the living room and every Christmas I stick poinsetta blossoms all over it and use it as a conversation piece during the holidays.My 12 days of Christmas rug and Christmas quilt chair cover.Smaller quilt makes a seat cover for the couch.This square table cloth that I no longer have a table that it will fit makes a good cover for my entry way bench.I'm hoping it doesn't get really cold before Christmas and we have the need to build a fire in this stove, I'll have a lot of things to relocate !!

I can't believe it is the last day of November,only 1 more month in this year !!! Where has the time gone????
A look back at this month shows a busy one, as the weather has been very mild and dry so outside work could be done easily.
We cleaned off a place where we used to have a chicken lot and made a new one for my hens and silkies.Now I can sit in the sunroom and watch my chickens in their lots.
Hubbie and I made one of our bi-annual trips to the Pickens flea market.
Tore down an old chicken house and wood shed that were eye sores and covered with poison ivy vines.
Had a very nice Thanksgiving and ended the month with Christmas Open House at the Curb Market.Finished the month putting up Christmas Decorations.
The weather turned bad on this last day with pouring rain and we have a major flood tonight and it is still raining.The driver of this car was able to get out safely, I pray that others will be so fortunate.
Wondering what daylight will bring??
Praying for flood victims tonight and giving thanks that I don't have to be out on the roads tonight.
Good Night and God Bless.


Jean said...

This post has it all! Thanks for the festive pictures and chuckles.
BTW...you do not look 54!
Dang it...you make me long for North Carolina...where I was born and raised.

Gail said...

Stay safe.

The year has flown, I should look at the years I have done, instead of the things I did not.

Patty H. said...

Your decorations are beautiful! I havent' started yet. I collect snowmen also. Added a few to my collection already.
Those rains were heavy!! I dont' knwo if we had any flooding out here in our area are not but it sure did rain! And dh was keeping an eye on the big ditch that runs from the road above us, down thru our yard.
Had a few snow flurries this morning. Congrats on having your cake recipe featured in Southern Living.
Patty H.

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Love your decorations. You have a very busy life my friend. Be careful out there.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Love all of your Christmas goodies.... The Poinsettia Cactus is so creative!!!!! I'm sure it is a conversation starter.... ha

We had flood warnings yesterday morning and some roads around here were under water for awhile.. BUT--since the Glade is UP in elevation--we don't have many flooding problems up here, thank Goodness.

Hope you didn't find alot of damage when you got up this morning.... We all got WAY too much rain...

We had flurries all night long here and early this morning --but no accumulations. Now the sun is out but it is very cold.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Forgot to say that I love that picture of you... You look SO young --with that long hair.... Pretty!!!

Also---meant to say that I love your new blog look...


NCmountainwoman said...

Lots of flooding here in Transylvania County as well. Today was sunny and rivers expected to crest by this afternoon. Many roads were underwater, especially those near the French Broad Basin.

Stay warm...you just might have to move things and fire up the stove.