Friday, November 19, 2010


Cakes, cakes and more cakes, my phone was ringing with orders while I fed the chickens this morning. I'm glad everyone waited until the last moment to call !!!
I was able to add several extras to the baking plans this morning thanks to a few extra supplies I have stock piled.
I was finished by lunchtime even with icing 6 caramels, these new ovens are making a difference in my baking time,I'm so glad.
After lunch and a nice vitamin D break out in the sunshine doing some bird watching I headed to work at church.
When I got home I relaxed for a little while doing more bird watching. I had some new visitors today.
I saw my first White Throated Sparrow of the winter season but didn't get a picture of that one.
But I did get a couple pictures of this Yellow Bellied Sapsucker that showed up in this tree but never came to the suet feeders.On the side of the tree he was very hard to see as he blended so well with the bark.This little Gold Finch has lost all its brilliant coloring for the winter.Love this little big eyed Titmouse,he was pecking on the side of the feeder,answering a fellow Titmouse who was in a nearby tree pecking.The colors on this House Finch as so pretty, he looks almost hot pink.This female Downy Woodpecker looks so smart and clean in her black and white feathers.And I surely couldn't miss these beautiful Cardinals that make my back yard home year round.I have 2 pots of petunias that are still blooming like it is springtime again even with the upper 20 temperatures we have had the past couple nights. They are hanging under the trees so that is keeping the frost off them. With the forecast for next week saying by Friday we are going to get 23 with 45 during the day I will move all my pots into the greenhouse. This is later than I was expecting to do this.
Today's temperature got to 58 after a morning temperature of 28, it was another beautiful sunny day.
After supper and a short visit from my cousin Mike,hubbie and I went back to finish work at church.
When we got back Carolina was playing basketball on TV. I watched until half time and then gladly went to ice my cakes !!
Yeah, they lost,and they should have, honestly none of them could have hit the ocean with the ball if they had been standing on the beach!
I iced another 6 caramels, 1 chocolate, 2 coconut and boxed most of my orders. I have 12 orders so tomorrow may be a crazy day. I am making a 7-layer salad for hubbie's families Thanksgiving supper tomorrow night and I was going to make it tonight but I don't have room in the frig to put it so I'll make it tomorrow evening.
Thanking God tonight for my health and all the blessings He gives me each day.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well---everyone is getting prepared for their big Thanksgiving wah-lahs..... Glad you had time to make so many cakes.... Wish I had one!!!!! Which is your favorite --of all that you make??? I think I'd love the Caramel one --which you say is very popular. YUM!!!!!

Your birdies look just like mine... I just love our regular winter birds...

Have a fabulous Saturday. We are still working on the leaves in our yard --for the LAST time I think.

Gail said...

Those petunias are favorite color too.

It is good you are being blessed with orders...makes your oven a special blessing.