Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Yea !! Finally a no-rain Wednesday. Hubbie took the day off and we were up at the crack of dawn and headed south,down the mountain.There is still a lot of color in the leaves down here.I was a little late getting my camera up to get a good picture of Table Rock as we passed by.The drive down to the flea market in Pickens ,SC is through mostly remote areas.There are large tracts of timber land and very few houses.
As we passed along I noticed a mobile home up in the woods and thought to myself ,wow, they just let their goats eat in their front yard. Then I made hubbie turn around and go back because I realized those weren't goats, but deer.There were 2 mama's and 2 young this year's fawns.We definitely got their attention when we stopped in the road to snap these photos.These mama's were not so sure what to think about us.They quickly rounded up the youngsters and headed for a nearby laurel thicket.
I love to watch these graceful creatures but the people who live here probably wish they could have a garden and some nice plants in their yard.
Along the road even this far south we noticed a lot of frost,even more than we had at home when we left and when we arrived at the market it was cold.This is a large flea market and my favorite as it has a lot of yard sale people and there is no telling what you might find.Let the bartering begin !!!Some of the market is under sheds and most of the people under them are dealers who are regular vendors.This is a special little book with an interesting story of how it came to be mine.
As I picked it up and opened it to find a copyright date of 1922 I wanted to know "how much?" but there was no one at this particular table. I asked the lady a couple tables down and she said he'll be right back and so I continued browsing through the other stuff on the table. A man walked up behind the table and I asked how much,holding up the book. He said "it's free, you can have it, in fact you can have anything you want off the table, I gone" and with that he got into the car that was parked behind the table and drove off. Hubbie and I just looked at one another. We picked out several other items,as much as we could carry and even remotely think we wanted.
Some of our good fortune included..This Norman Rockwell large print in a beautifully encraved frame.This image of Jesus entitled "Inspiration" and dated 1942 in a wonderful old frame.Several old books like this one and also a 1949 telephone almanac which he had a $10.00 price on.
Hubbie collected several things including an old miners dust mask .
That was perhaps the strangest thing I have ever had happen to me at a flea market. I'll always wonder what made that man just leave with me wanting to buy something from him and just to say it's all free,take what you want.By noon everyone is packing up or gone from this market.
Hubbie and I stopped in nearby Pickens to eat lunch then headed back up the mountain.
I would have liked to have taken a more scenic route home but I had a yearly mammogram appointment this afternoon and we had to get back.

The lady doing my mammogram must have had a long day,she wasn't very friendly , asked me the same question twice, and was very rough. My "girls" will probably be sore in the morning after that squishing. That is the first time I have ever been hurt that bad,she honestly had me standing on my tip toes and thinking thoughts like how terrible it would be to pass out with your boob pinched in that machine,wonder if it would tear it off?
Yeah it was that bad !
Last year I had to have it all redone the next day because of a Lypoma in my left breast,I sure pray that there is nothing that shows up this year.
Back home g-son was here while his dad went to dig a water line ditch for a man he knows.
When I went to feed the chickens I discovered a sad sight. One of my younger hens had flown over the fence and the dogs had killed her. They didn't eat her,just killed her and left her laying there. She was just getting ready to start laying eggs,but she was the only one that wouldn't stay in the lot . That's why we used a 5 foot high fence but where we ran about 5 foot short and filled in with the 4 foot fence was where I found her on the outside of. Oh well such is life and death on the farm.

I did month end and weekly paperwork tonight while daughter baked.
Thanking God for a wonderful day and for all the blessings He pours out each day.
Good Night and God Bless.


Julie Harward said...

Looks like a beautiful drive..we always stop for the deer sightings too. I hate the mammograms too! Sad about the chicken, happened to my pet chicken too. I am grateful for good days too :D

Gail said...

What a wonderful day, I would love to just get out and go somewhere but the rut I am in stops me.

Country Mouse Studio said...

my one and only mammogram was like that it sure didn't make me want to go back. It looked like a great market and it's always nice to get something for free. Too bad about the hen :O(

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Looks like your got alot of great FREE things at the flea market.... Glad the weather finally cooperated...

Sorry about your chicken... As you said, that's just life.....

Oh I know about those rough mammograms... GADS!!!!