Monday, November 1, 2010


The first day of November 2010,wow, where has this year gone ????
The morning was a cool one but sunny. Hubbie and I did the morning chores and then I headed out to collect money at an Avon stop and hubbie headed over to a metal recycling place to sell my old oven. The girl at the Avon stop said as she wrote me a check she didn't know why she didn't just write a check the other day when I was there. I don't know either but it sure would have saved my time and gas!!!!
Hubbie got $18 for the stove but said he probably would have to spend it fixing a flat tire because he drove through some nails backing up to unload it.
We made a trip to Home Depot to get fencing and some siding for my new hen house.
Just as we got home and sat down to lunch #1 son and g-son came in.
Today turned out to be his last home care visit from the wound care nurse,another milestone crossed !!
We all went outside, hubbie and I started building the hen house, #1 son worked on removing a fuel cell from the back of his truck, g-son "fished" in the cattle watering tanks and #2 son who is off today also came up to help where ever he was needed.
The hen house turned out really good.Here some of the ladies are checking out their new home.Last week this area was over grown with privot bushes, saw briars and poison oak. With help from #1 son on his machine today it looks like a different place tonight. The house is finished except for the hook on the door.
We will begin putting up the fencing for the lot tomorrow afternoon when hubbie gets home from work. The lot is going to be bigger than originally planned just to keep this area from getting overgrown again.
The temperature today felt like a November day for a change,I had a jacket on all day outside and tonight it is 45 at 11:00.I sat this late blooming potted beauty up on the porch last week and each time I walk by I smell the wonderful fragrance of this rose. Keeping it safe from the frost for at least another week then it will be off to the greenhouse to spend winter's cold days.

Tonight I tried out my new ovens for the first time baking my layers. It didn't quite work out the way I had planned, instead of 24 layers at a time because of the rack configuration in these ovens only 18 layers will fit at a time but that is still certainly better than 12 that fit into my old oven. However I discovered there is a learning curve in using the new ovens but I have things worked out now and am 12 cakes ahead for tomorrow's baking.
The word "SNOW" already in the forecast for the mountains for later this week the first week in November ?????? And this is supposed to be a mild winter ??????

Remember to vote tomorrow, because you know if you don't vote , you can't complain !!!
I'll just be sooooooo glad when tomorrow is over and I wonder what will they advertise on TV now ?????
Praying that God will make Himself known to the ones who do get elected.
Good Night and God Bless.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carolina Nana,
I agree, where in the world has this year gone to??

My husband went to the metal recycling place around here yesterday, too.
He took a load of scrap metal from the nest boxes. It brought almost $200.! We were thrilled. It was all little bitty pieces that we couldn't use.

We are expecting our first frost here this weekend. I guess it is about that time.
Hope you have a great day.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

YES---hope people will get out and vote. We voted early --to stay away from the crowds...

Nice home for the lady chickens... I'm sure they will love it...

your header picture is FABULOUS... Wow....

We are predicted to have a freeze -with flurries in the Smokies I think --this weekend. Guess that will be the end of the Roses this year... Sniff Sniff.