Thursday, November 4, 2010


I was more than right about a slooooooowwww !!!!!!!! market day today.
For a while I didn't think I was going to see even one customer but I finally did see just a few. With the misty rain and wind it made the 50 degree day pretty raw,if I hadn't had to get out I probably would have stayed home also.
I ran regular errands, made a couple Avon stops and headed home. Hubbie got here from work about the same time. We unloaded and he headed over to #1 son's house to help him clean out his gutters.
I went up to check on the chickens and give them some extra feed to warm them up a little.This Red Tailed Hawk has been keeping an eye out for stray chicks for several days now.
That's a big reason the smaller chicklets are in a cage inside the big lot.
The sky was actually this blue for a short while this afternoon before the clouds moved back in and the misty rain started again.
When hubbie returned from helping #1 son we headed out to Sam's Club to fill a list I forgot to pick up this morning.The setting sun lit up the holes in the clouds as we drove out the road.
This made me think of the song "There are holes in the floor of Heaven".

It feels like old man winter is right around the corner this evening. I like this weather except for all the extra clothes there are to put on before I go outside.
I am listening to the news tonight and it is already snowing and has been for most of the day at 3500 feet, I am at 2000 feet so maybe ,maybe not !!!!
This is a pic from a local news station of the snow this afternoon. This is the earliest in quite a few years I can remember snow at the beginning of November anywhere around here. Hummmmmm,maybe those squirrels packing all those nuts away knew something!!!!! YA THINK!!!!!
Our temperature is supposed to be right at freezing tonight so hubbie and I gleaned the tomatoes and peppers again tonight and got another box of green tomatoes. We should have tomatoes until almost Thanksgiving.
All that's left in the garden now is greens and broccoli.
Hubbie and I began hatching another home improvement project tonight. It will take several small jobs having to be done by he and me before we call in the builders. I'm ready to start and from the business at market today I may have plenty of extra time on my hands. I will share as we go as to what we are planning.
Life is good and I have a thankful heart that praises my Lord everyday.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Beautiful pictues!!!

Snow, rain??? Send me some of either, please, we are still dry as a powder puff.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, It's COLD here this morning and starting to drizzle (or flurry) ...... Need to put a big fire in the fireplace this morning.... It seems to warm the entire house....

We winterized everything yesterday--and I'll blog about it on Monday.... In the meantime, we'll just do what we need to do to stay WARM.... Brrrrrrrrrrr....

Sorry about your slow market day--but I don't blame people for not getting out...

How is your #1 son's leg/ankle/foot???


Country Mouse Studio said...

That is a beautiful sky, I'm a sky watcher too. Your thankful heart creates a life that is good and I am enjoying the peek into it, thanks

NCmountainwoman said...

We got little spots of snow here at 3,000 ft. Thank goodness it didn't last. Hope the market picks up.