Monday, November 15, 2010


Woke to a cloudy cool day,looks like rain any minute. After finishing morning chores,
Bernie was due for a rabies shot and he was not happy about the whole situation.This was on the way home ,he just kept staring at me as if to say "how could you let them do that to me?"
Not to worry it won't happen again for 3 years ,Bernie,bless your heart.
When I got home hubbie was back from hauling the old appliances to the metal yard,he made $26.
We decided to go look at some out buildings for our new projects. I think we found what we wanted,but have 1 more place to look.
It started raining on our way home and when we got here hubbie said it would be a good time to burn a brush pile we had. I went online and got a burn permit,that is a handy way to get a permit.
#1 son and g-son stopped by and watched as we got the fire started.G-son said that fire is hot!!!! And it sure was ,it didn't take long for it to burn with only embers left to smolder in the rain.
After we got back to the house son and g-son went home to take a nap and hubbie and I each went to our separate workshops to work on projects.This is my finished project,4 kids tool aprons. I've had people asking for these,so now I'll have some on my shelves at market.This is hubbie's project, a firewood and what have you hauler for the back of the tractor. He bought a 3 point hitch carry-all from Tractor Supply Saturday and this is the bed he made to go on the forks of the carry-all. Glad he has a BIG tractor !!!!
For a rainy afternoon we got a lot done,it's nice to have inside places to work.
After chores and supper I am blogging and trying to decide if I want to do some baking tonight or save it all for tomorrow morning.
Decided to save the baking for tomorrow,this couch feels to good tonight !!!
Watching the news with the Grove Park Gingerbread House contest winners being announced. Now ,don't get me wrong I appreciate the imagination and work that goes into these designs,but ,my problem is, it says gingerbread "house" contest.
This is this years winner....Although this is impressive made from gingerbread,where's the "house" ?????????Way to go kids, I think you all got the "house" right ,great job!!!!!!How about a "gingerbread covered bridge" contest?? (note the kid stuck to the side)
Or a "gingerbread ark" contest ?
Maybe a "fall gingerbread scene" contest ???
There were so many other things that were not, in my humble opinion, in any way connected to a gingerbread house contest. Maybe they just need to change the name of the contest to "Grove Park Gingerbread Design Contest" ,"I'm just sayin" !!!!!!!!

Today has been a dreary ,rainy 54 degree day. We didn't get a lot of rain but enough to wet down all the fallen leaves and maybe give the fire fighters a much needed break.
We are supposed to get more rain tonight and tomorrow,we could sure use it.
Glory to God tonight for the love He shows us each and every day, take time to stop and enjoy the feeling.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, We've had rain off and on all day long ---and we really needed it. It's not that cold (50's)--but feels cold since it is so damp.

Yes---they should change the title of that gingerbread contest... No houses much at all, huh???? They probably started that to get 'children' to decorate gingerbread houses... Now--like so many other things--it has turned into a fancy thing --which children cannot do by themselves....

Were you mean to Bernie? He looked so forlorn... Hope you gave him an extra treat when you got home...

Love those aprons... CUTE!!!!

Have a good day tomorrow. You will probably get rain all day long--like we did today.

Jean said...

It has rained all day here in NW GA.
Dog gone it...I see your point about the "gingerbread" house contest. Wow.. have to acknowledge the talent.
We are all one with the Great Spirit.

Country Mouse Studio said...

Some pretty amazing talent but I agree where's the house?

NCmountainwoman said...

That is too funny. I said the exact same thing to my husband when I looked at the paper this morning. While the art is attractive, I agree with you wholeheartedly. It's not a gingerbread HOUSE. I think they should have a separate category for houses only. The other stuff looks too much like the Ace of Cakes.

Ardith said...

I so like your comment on the love God shows us each and every day. My first thought was that we must be able to recognize that love in order to reap the joy of the feeling. I think sometimes I don't; and miss out on a lot of the enjoyment! Thanks for being you. Take care and God Bless.