Sunday, November 28, 2010


Woke to a cold 22 degree morning. As I did chores my water buckets were frozen over today. I always empty the waterers at night if it is going to get below freezing overnight,it makes them easier to refill.
Sat with a friend at church this morning who has been traveling around working for the national park system. Her and her hubbie have a travel trailer they pull around and work in the different parks, where they get paid plus free parking for their RV. They have spent time in Alaska and Massachusetts in the last year. It took them 10 days to drive to Alaska at 400 miles a day.
I made a casserole for lunch from the left over turkey and dressing and it was very good.
Both sons and g-son were here for lunch.
After we ate g-son wanted to help me get out Christmas decorations. We got almost all the back yard decorations put up before he got cold and went inside to play with his Pawpaw while I walked the dogs.
As I walked today I thought about how different things look this time of year.
Some folks say it is depressing but I see things this time of year that you can't see any other time.Today I noticed this serpent like vine climbing this tree trunk.I noticed how these red rose hips stood out with their bright red color clinging to leafless branches.
And if you can't find beauty in the trees or bushes all you have to do is turn your attention skyward.As the setting sun reflected off these jet streams it caused them to look like sparkling diamonds in the deep blue fall sky.And the sunsets this time of year,well who could doubt the love of God while gazing out over the mountains watching the day come to an end in a blaze of glory.

G-son spent the evening with us while his mom and dad did some shopping. He loves helping with the feeding chores around the farm.
After he left hubbie and I had a late supper and watched a Carolina b-ball game, they barely won.
We watched some of Sarah Palin's Alaska reality show before I wrote my few Avon orders up.
As I listen to the news tonight, this story on Christmas tree farms brought back pleasant memories for me.While our kids grew up we always made a family trip to a tree farm to pick out and cut or dig our Christmas tree. The kids looked forward to the trip for weeks. We usually dug our tree and have several still planted around our yard.
The smell of a fresh tree is wonderful but with the kids all grown and hubbie's bad back and my bad knees our tree now comes out of a box each year.
I have to admit the quickness of getting it up, already with lights on it and the not having to remember to water it and not having to worry about all the needles falling off before Christmas or it drying out and catching fire, do kind of take the place of the nice smell.
If I was younger and had small children I'd do it all over again, every year I'd be making a trip to that tree farm with shovel in hand !!!!
The thermometer says it is 29 degrees at 11:30, tonight is going to get colder than last night. I hope all the animals are snuggled together in their beds!
So grateful tonight for all God does for us without judging us and doesn't expect anything in return but our love.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, I had the same experience with 'live' trees when the kids were little. Now --we have a 'fake' one --but it is much easier to put together and decorate.

It was cold here for a couple of days --but still no frost... Our roses still haven't even thought about going dormant yet...

I love winter also --and winter pictures are special. In fact, I enjoy hiking much more in cold weather than I do in warm weather.

We came to your neck of the woods over Thanksgiving.. We went to Mt. Mitchell and to the Biltmore. I'd never been to the Biltmore --so we enjoyed that. One of these days we'll stop by to see you when we are in your area.


Anonymous said...

Very good post..