Saturday, November 20, 2010


This Saturday before Thanksgiving market day was pretty busy,although we didn't sell
out we did sell quite a bit. Daughter stayed and helped me until a friend came to go do a practice run for a race the annual Turkey Trot they are in on Thursday.
As I left market there was a roar not usually heard in down town.The annual "Toy Run" came into town a little after 2:00.These big burly motorcycle riders looked funny with all these stuffed toys hanging on the back of their cycles.It is always a wonderful turnout and the many toys hauled into town will make many youngsters very happy this Christmas morning when otherwise they might not have gotten any toys.
As I left town I thanked God for the many generous people that make events like this successful.
After shopping for supplies for Tuesday's orders I made it home at 4:00.
As soon as I got unloaded I went to work making the 7-layer salad and rewrapping several cakes to take over to sis-in-laws Thanksgiving gathering.
I got to rest my burning feet about 30 minutes before chores and then we needed to be over there by 6:00.
Everyone was joking about the new"untraditional" Thanksgiving dinner sis-in-law fixed.
A choice of regular spaghetti,baked spaghetti,or chicken alfredo with rolls,and my 7-layer salad or greek salad from Hot Dog World was the menu.

We had a much smaller crowd than usual.
This year it was just mainly immediate family and closest friends.
I only ate some of both the salads as spaghetti at night would not be smart unless I actually wanted heart burn to keep me warm tonight !!!

I got most of the ingredients for my Thanksgiving day lunch today and we are having an old fashioned meal with Turkey,dressing, deviled eggs, sweet potato casserole,mashed potatoes,corn and green beans and my mom's blueberry/grape jello recipe for dessert.
The eggs,potatoes,corn and green beans will come from my farm.

It is time for the next decade November pictures and again in 1990 I didn't find many pictures from November.My second oldest niece was born in November and here is daughter with her on her second birthday.And yes everyone is opening a present,my mom always got all her grandkids presents on each ones birthday.I ran across this amazing photo in my files. This is hubbie's grandparents house up near the top of a nearby mountain called Sugarloaf Mountain.
I have many fond memories of Thanksgiving and all other holidays at this house. His "Granny" as everyone called her even in her mid eighties prepared meals for a huge family crowd on all holidays and every Sunday after church. She was an amazing lady, had lived in these mountains all her life,never drove a car,always wore an apron,grew a huge garden,milked a cow twice a day for most of her years, and truly loved mountain living.
I only wish I had come to know her earlier than I did, back in her more actively farming days. So much knowledge died with these old timers who knew how to live off the land and enjoy doing it. I did gain bits and pieces of information as we were around her more than most of the family because we kept cattle on her pastures for several years before she died and I felt I had known the only grandparent I had ever had. The sun circle around this house puts me in mind of a halo,I'm sure just like the one she now wears proudly everyday up there in Heaven,reunited with her husband and only son who both died before her. She has now been joined by 2 of her 6 daughters. Happy Thanksgiving Granny!This evening when we got back home we relaxed while daughter made 6 pumpkin rolls.
It looks like there has been a powdered sugar hurricane in my kitchen !!!!
Watched a show on how when Hurricane Andrew hit south Florida years ago it destroyed a snake pet hatchery,turning thousands of Bermese Python hatchlings loose in the Everglades. Now the state of Florida issued 15 Python hunting permits to attempt to curb the population growth of the snake. These huge snakes that grow to 15 feet are damaging the fragile species that live in the everglades,along with terrorizing the residents and tourist who live and visit the area. It was a very interesting story.
Thankful tonight for the graciousness of a loving God.
Good night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Granny must have been an amazing woman, Marilyn. We certainly ALL could have learned from those wonderful ancestors who did a great job of living off of the land.

Did you all sell that land? I'll bet you wish it were still in the family today... I always wanted a cabin on the top of a mountain.

I guess it's okay to have a NON-traditional Thanksgiving dinner IF it is not on Thanksgiving Day. I'm too traditional myself NOT to have turkey and the trimmings on Thanksgiving...

Motorcycle groups do so much good all around the country.... That is so NEAT.

Have a great Sunday.

Gail said...

Seems to me, this photo is a reminder of how blessed the house and the people within it were.

Country Mouse Studio said...

how wonderful to know someone like that, those snakes - yikes. Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving