Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Well I've decided to start most days with a walking video since my evening walks have been limited and scarce these days.
I did a 2 mile video this morning,really got my heart pumping!
After walking,chores and breakfast I started laundry and housecleaning chores for the day.I was glad to see this little guy as I dusted in the sunroom. I hadn't seen him in a while and was afraid he had moved on or worse. The grey squirrels are so mean to him I wouldn't blame him for leaving, but I guess there are grey squirrel everywhere.
Today was like a late summer day again. I've had a t-short on all day and even sat outside in the sun a while this afternoon and sweated. It has been 68 degrees here today.And tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer. Now we are back above normal temperatures, oh well guess if we aren't going to be normal it is better to be above normal than below like we were last week. It's hard to believe looking at this that it was snowing only 3 days ago ! Indian summer is definitely here.
This evening hubbie and I went over to his brothers and met with the lady that is thinking about renting the in-laws house for her parents. I think this is going to be good for everyone involved.
My niece was there with her new baby, he is growing so fast.
We tentatively decided on a Thanksgiving family meal date,it's hard to go around all the kids and their spouses to find a day that everyone is available.
When we got home I baked some cakes and put up some new lamps in the sun room to give more light around the dining table.
Thanking God tonight for His never ending love and guidance in my everyday life.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, We are much warmer this week also... You never know what to wear. It's cold in the mornings and almost 'hot' in the afternoons... Crazy!!!!!

Even with all of the three days of 20 degree temps last weekend, we had no frost.. SO--we didn't lose our roses in the yard --or other things... Now that it's warmer, some of them are trying to bloom some more.... Again--I say, CRAZY!!!! ha

Have a great day.

Jean said...

We are experiencing the same kind of weather here in NW GA.

I am glad I found your blog. Being a Tar Heel (I grew-up on a tobacco farm near Winston-Salem)your writings and photos really speak to me.:)