Saturday, November 13, 2010


Market was surprisingly busy today,I was out of caramel cakes before 11:00, I hate to do that, I am known as the caramel cake lady so when people come to the market especially to get one of my caramel cakes and I have to say I'm sold out I hate the look on their faces.
Thankfully today that didn't happen but a couple of times after they were all gone.
After doing my shopping on the way home and stopping by a friends house who has just gotten home from a hospital stay of over 200 days to take her some greens for her supper I headed home. This friend is a diabetic and has numerous other health problems stemming from the diabetes and at one point during her hospital stay she became comatose and the only thing that saved her was that her husband, who is paralized from the waist down, would not agree to pull the plug on her. When I saw her today,normal as can be now I almost cried thinking how close to death she was. I told her God has given her another chance for some reason for sure.

These are the old sheds that I emptied yesterday.
Hubbie and I built these years ago,the one on the left was a chicken house for years. My vivid memory of a huge black snake in the nesting box one evening and the many holes now in the ground inside it made it a real spooky place for me.
The shed on the right was built originally for a wood shed,but had turned into an everything and anything shed. Most of the things in it I couldn't even get to and it was filled with poison ivy vines that had grown through the roof.Being so close to my new chicken (feather) plantation also made them need to go as I don't want snakes to have a nearby place to hide.#1 son is still very capable of running his machines even with his slowly improving leg.
(update on the leg , he will have to have it rebroken and reset at some point in the future but needs to wait at least 1 year due to his muscles need to have time to fully recover before they get another 8-12 week non-use period, in the mean time he walks with a cane and a very pronounced limp and is constantly in pain )Hubbie had a collection of sticks stored for making hiking sticks to sell at market,but in this mess in the shed they became infested with powder post beetles and had to be thrown away.
Loaded in the dump truck and off to the burn pile when the weather gets wetter than it is now for sure.3 generations !!Thanks to daughter for all the above photos because when I got home this is what I found.As the hens look on and enjoy the full blast of sunshine that was blocked by the sheds, this is the completion of the first step in the new construction project. Why is it this time of year we are always building something???

I had some really good help gathering the eggs tonight.After everyone left hubbie and I spent a relaxing evening enjoying some country music shows.
It has been another beautiful sunny 70 degree day.
As I sit here yawning every few minutes I think my body is trying to tell me it's time for an early bedtime tonight.
Thanking God for a day filled with blessings and as I watched the activity around our farm this evening I got a warm comfortable feeling of things getting back close to being normal around here, thanks be to God.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh My---so I didn't just dream about your son's leg.... How terrible... That boy will never get to go back to work... GADS!!!!

Glad you had a good day at the market... It was a beautiful day here ---but going to get cold this week and maybe get some much-needed rain...

Looks like the old sheds are GONE.... Big Job... Glad it's over I'm sure.....

Have a blessed Sunday.

Gail said...

It is sad when old buildings have to go.

Country Mouse Studio said...

Goes to prove we should never give up, amazing recovery. It must have been nice to come home to it all cleaned up.