Friday, November 5, 2010


We didn't get any snow here but it sure feels like snow this morning. The chickens acted like they could just stay all huddled together for a while.The snow is still falling in the higher elevations.This mountain is called "Cold Mountain" and it is definitely living up to its name today. By this evening some places had 4" of snow on the ground and were expecting more overnight.
#1 son came this morning to package up his wound vac to send back,I know he's glad to see that thing go.
He is walking with only a cane now but still has a horrible limp.

I spent a good deal of my morning on the phone to hubbie and on the computer looking at heaters.
Hubbie went to Lowes to buy a quartz heater to keep the sunroom above freezing. Lowes was sold out so I found an Eden Pure heater at the local Ace Hardware.
We are going to see if this heater lives up to all the hype that Bob Villa gives it in magazines and on the This old House show on TV.
I iced the 6 caramel cakes I had made this morning and thankfully got a pretty large order for tomorrow.
After lunch I went to church to work for a while,the wind is blowing and it sure is a raw day for anything outside today. I guess when we get more used to it temperatures in the mid 40's will be okay. The first cold spell is always hard to deal with,especially after all the warm weather we've had this fall.
When I got home I plugged the new heater in and fired it up,it has run all evening but is keeping the temperature in the vaulted ceiling , uninsulated, mostly glass room at 65 degrees. We'll know more when the sun goes down and the temperature drops to 30 tonight before we go to bed. The ratings on the heater were very impressive and it is said to use about 10 cents an hour in electricity.
After getting all the chickens in their warm houses and the waterers emptied,they are plastic and if the water freezes they might burst, hubbie and I went back to church to finish vacuuming. The roads are covered with leaves tonight, with the wind we've had today there aren't many leaves left on any trees now.
As I type this I can hear the winds still whipping through the trees and I hear the music of my wind chimes right outside the window. The chill factor is already in the mid 20's, brrrrrrrr!!!!
Seems funny for me to be without cakes to ice tonight but I'll get used to that also.
It will feel nice to snuggled down in a warm bed tonight and let the sound of dry leaves fluttering off the trees lull me to sleep. I love living in the country where these sounds are unhindered by automobile sounds or other people sounds.
Tonight I am humbly thankful for my life and the place God chose for me to live it.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

It's cold here too, Marilyn.. The Smokies got snow and they showed pictures on TV from the Cherohala Skyway with snow on it...

We had some sleet--and it's misting a little snow here tonight.. BUT--that should pass and we'll be left with temps in the 20's....

Yes--the first cold spell seems to be the hardest. We've had a fire in the fireplace ALL day long....

Have a good weekend. Be careful if you have to go out.

Gail said...

Stay warm and keep me updated on that heater...I have been looking at them.

Jean said...

I would also like to know how y'all like that heater.